Will Using AuthorityLabs Penalize Your Domain?

I’ve noticed that a few people are googling ‘authority labs penalised.’ Evidently some are concerned that checking your rankings with us will penalize your positioning within search results. I guarantee that it will not.

IP addresses will get penalized by search engines when they detect an abnormal amount of searches coming from a single IP. When this happens Google, for instance, throws up a CAPTCHA to make sure that humans are actually using their service and not automated rank checking software like WebPosition. A lot of the time poor quality rank checking software can poll search engines too often. They don’t like this because it takes up valuable bandwidth.

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Headed to SXSW

Wanted to let you all know we’re headed to SXSW this year and are extremely excited about it. It’ll be my first time there and I can’t wait to meet so many new people and hang out with all the Phoenix folk who’ll be there. Austin is a fantastic town with tons of energy. The music scene is second to none, the tech scene is vibrant and the people there are amazing.

I’m not quite sure what to expect with this. I think I’ll just play it by ear. The people I’m traveling, and have arranged to stay with all seem to be ‘in the know’ somewhat and I know if I try and plan anything it’s just gonna get thrown out the minute I get there. Besides … that’s what Twitter’s for.

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Product Update Podcast

If you’re ever looking for a good way to keep up with what’s going on at Gangplank they’ve got a few ways to do that …

We recorded a product update a little over a week ago, so go check it out and you can hear what we’re up to.

Why We're Here

For years search has been the focal point of online marketing. People have developed software that helps professionals optimize for search. One of the features of this software is SERP monitoring. Most software packages you have to download onto a PC, and run. This eats up CPU time and usually an entire computer because if you don’t have your rank checker running everyday you won’t have the data clients and bosses demand.

Over time software like IBP and WebPosition have become bloated, borderline unusable products for what mostly amounts to search monitoring. The technical difficulties behind a web-based SERP monitoring tool have been great enough to keep people from building a decent solution. We’ve decided to face those challenges head-on and build something that’s simple, useful and scalable.