A Last Minute @Pubcon Packing Checklist

pubcon_logoPubcon is just a few days away and many of you are starting to get ready. I have already shared some tips on surviving and thought I would share some last minute items you don’t want to forget!


Throw some granola/protein bars or something similar in your bag so if you wake up late or need a snack at the conference you have something. Sometimes if you are crawling out of bed either really tired or hungover (this is Vegas) a little something to eat helps. It is a lot cheaper to bring a box of granola bars than to buy just one in the hotel. Crackers are a good bet too ;)

Motrin / Aspirin / Tylenol – Bring some for you and for your friends!

Again, this is Vegas and it is noisy and busy and there is a lot of alcohol. Motrin, Aspirin and/or Tylenol can be really helpful and your friends will appreciate that you thought ahead! Trust me when I say it is way cheaper to buy these at home than in the hotel.

Backup Batteries / Power Cords

If you can afford to get a backup battery for your phone, camera and/or computer I highly recommend it! In regards to the phone, if you are at the conference all day and rush off to a marketing party at night how long do you think your phone will last? You will need it!

There will be a lot of picture taking and videos and that can drain your phone/camera quickly. Backup batteries are a blessing! I also suggest, if you can swing it, bringing a power strip, or USB strip for your pals.

Hoodies / Jackets / Sweater

It is COLD in the convention center. Bring something or be prepared to buy a cheesy hotel hoodie for $60-90 at the hotel. You will need them in the hotel bars too; the hotels are fairly cool.

pubconComfy Shoes

If you love your feet and/or the ability to walk or stand I suggest you have comfy shoes ready! Wear comfy shoes to the conference at least and if you have to look all “fancy” save it for the evening. Remember, when you are caring a laptop bag all for 8 hours you need to have comfortable shoes on.

Travel Home Exhaustion Clothing

When you go home the odds are you will be very tired and you will want to sleep on the plane (even if you never sleep on planes, “raising my hand”). When you arrive at the airport you will see many exhausted and raggedy looking folks and they don’t care how they look either; sleep is the goal. I suggest you bring an outfit that will be comfortable and easy to wear for your flight home. A small pillow for sleeping is helpful too.

Breath Mints or Gum

You will be meeting a lot of people, eating some great food and having some flavorful drinks (alcoholic or not) and you want fresh breath! Bring it from home, save some money and you won’t be known as the “bad breath guy/gal”.

A Backup Carrying Bag

If you are like me you may come very close to your baggage being overweight for the airlines. If you can’t add half a pound to fly home you may be in trouble. You will be getting swag and other things in Vegas and the weight could end up costing you some cash. If you bring a small carrying bag that can hold all the items you get for free, win or buy you can stick them in the smaller bag and either carry it or check it on the plane. This will save you money!

Have Fun and See if You Can Win Some Stuff from AuthorityLabs!

AL is having a Pubcon scavenger hunt! You can win a prize such as chips to gamble with, a free AuthorityLabs account for a year, or an iPad! Both Copypress and Internet Marketing Ninjas are having contests too! Have fun at Pubcon!


AuthorityLabs Pubcon Vegas Discount and Scavenger Hunt

When we go to Vegas, we love to win and we know you do too. Starting Monday, October 21, we will be posting tasks on Twitter, Facebook, and Google + so that you can win. The first person to complete each task will win a prize such as chips to gamble with, a free AuthorityLabs account for a year, or an iPad. If you’re not the first person to complete a task, we will still have AuthorityLabs t-shirts, pint glasses, and other goodies to give out until we run out.

How to Play

If you’re in Vegas for Pubcon, you’re all set to play. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for tasks to complete. These are mostly easy to complete tasks and will involve either posting to Twitter using the #ALPubcon hashtag or finding one of the 4 AuthorityLabs representatives that are at Pubcon. AuthorityLabs will make the final decision on the winner of each task and present the winner with a prize. There will be a minimum of 20 tasks available to complete. Make sure you hold onto your badge insert. It will be needed for some tasks.

The Prizes

The top prizes for each task include $50-100 in gaming chips, free drinks for you and your friends, AuthorityLabs accounts, a few mystery prizes, and an iPad.

Want to Win the iPad?

The first person to complete 10 tasks will win the iPad, regardless of whether they were the first to complete any of the tasks. This means that even if you aren’t the fastest on each individual task, you’re still in the running for the iPad if you put in the effort to complete each one.

Want a Discount on AuthorityLabs?

Sign up for a new AuthorityLabs account between October 21, 2013 and October 24, 2013 and give your business card to one of the 4 AuthorityLabs representatives that are at Pubcon and we will set you up with 20% off your first 6 months of AuthorityLabs. We rarely offer discounts, so make sure to get in on this. We’re confident that you’ll love the data.

Who are These AuthorityLabs Representatives?

There are 4 of AuthorityLabs representatives at Pubcon. Chase Granberry Mike Benner Brian LaFrance Steve Swedler

Anything Else?

It’s Vegas. Have fun :)

What are the tasks so far?

Task Prizes Winner
Tweet a pic with an Elvis impersonator 1 Year free Pro Account Greg Gifford
Picture with Cleopatra in Ceasars Palace Mystery prize Greg Gifford
Tweet a pic with Mike’s AuthorityLabs tattoo Mystery prize Greg Gifford
Get half a pound of orange M&Ms $50 in chips Greg Gifford
Bring back coin buckets from three casinos 1 Year free Pro Account
Take a pic with a couple who just got married $100 in chips
Bring back a guitar pick with Hard Rock logo Drinks on us!* Greg Gifford
Ride the record-breaking “El Loco” coaster Drinks on us!*
Get 5 free club entry passes from the strip $50 in chips Greg Gifford
Tweet a pic of you with the biggest drink you can find Drinks on us!* Lynn Strickland
Tweet a pic with a cop while wearing an AL gear 1 Year free Pro Account Greg Gifford
Collect all 4 AuthorityLabs business cards 1 Year free Pro Account Daniel Vareta
Tweet a pic of yourself with a showgirl wearing AL gear 1 Year free Pro Account Greg Gifford
Bring 5 escort cards from the strip to a team member $50 in chips Greg Gifford
Photo of yourself with all the AL employees at PubCon Mystery prize
Picture wearing an AuthorityLabs t-shirt or badge insert infront of the Fountains of Bellagio $100 in chips Cesar Piñon
Picture with a sidewalk painter and their painting with AL shirt or badge insert $50 in chips
5 $5 poker chips from different casinos $100 in chips
Book of matches from 5 different Vegas bars $50 in chips
Tweet a pic with tourist who has a fanny pack 1 Year free Pro Account


*Drinks for you and 3 friends at Hard Rock center bar

Pubcon Vegas 2013 Events and Party List

We’re about a month away from Pubcon Vegas 2013 and the list of parties and events appears to be shaping up nicely. Several of us from AuthorityLabs will be hanging out and available during these events, so come find us and say hi. If you’re new to Pubcon or just need a refresher, check out these tips on surviving Vegas.

Let us know if you have an event or know of an event that we need to add to this list. We’ll be keeping it updated as plans evolve and more details become available.

Monday, October 21

Pubcon Kickoff Classic – Pubcon Badge Required
Where: South Hall Las Vegas Convention Center
When: 5:30-8 pm
Why: This is always a good networking session for those who arrive to the conference early. It’s typically one of the best opportunities to hang out and network without a ton of noise.

Tuesday, October 22

Where: Observation Deck, Stratosphere Hotel
When: Reception starts at 7 pm, dinner at 8 pm.
Why: #EpicDinner is always a great event, has great food, and gets better every time. This year it’s at the top of the Stratosphere tower, which provides one of the best views in Vegas.

Purpose Inc SEO Poker Tournament
Where: The Mirage Hotel and Casino
When: 9:00 pm
Why: DK loves hosting events like this. It will be great networking whether you play poker or not. Every year for the past 7 years, there has been a poker tournament during Pubcon and every one of them has been a great event. During the tournament this year, players and guests will be connected with each other based on the problems and solutions of each attendee. DK said, “It is real simple. The main reason people come to Pubcon, and to the Poker Tourney, is to network. We are breaking
the ice in a meaningful way, so people can find the answers to the problems they are looking for. Check out the Facebook page or head on over and get signed up.

DK is also hinting at a secret back room talk, but we don’t have info yet.

Wednesday, October 23

Switch Data Center Tour
Where: Switch
When: TBD
Why: This will be a small group (likely around 20 max) that gets a chance to take a tour of one of the most advanced data centers in the world. Last year’s tour received great feedback.

Pubcon Monte Carlo Networking Reception
Where: The Pub at Monte Carlo
When: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Why: The Pub is a cool venue and this event it typically great for networking.

US Search Awards
Where: Treasure Island Ballroom
When: 6:30 – 11:30 pm
Why: This is the inaugural event for the US Search Awards. Sounds like it will be a formal event and runs $200 per ticket. If you’re into awards ceremonies (who really is?), it may be worth checking out. Otherwise, we’ll see you at The Pub, which is where most people from the conference will likely end up.

Thursday, October 24

Pubcon Hofbräuhaus Rocktoberfest
Where: Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas
When: 4:45 pm – whenever
Why: Networking with great people at a great venue. Not to be missed. Open to all Pubcon attendees with a Networking, Gold, or Platinum pass.

4 Deadly Mistakes Trade Show Exhibitors Make

Even companies that have been in business for years often make mistakes when they go to trade shows. These 4 deadly mistakes will stunt your business’s growth. If you’re already making them, it’s time to reconsider your approach.

1. Creating Conversation Barriers

trade show display
Image via Flickr by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District

You and your team go to trade shows to talk to people. You don’t go to hand out pamphlets. If that’s all you wanted to do, you could just leave a table full of inexpensive flyers at the event.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses put informational material ahead of personal connections. Instead of standing in front of their displays so they can talk to people walking by, they sit behind a table full of literature. That’s not a good way to make connections.

2. Failing to Generate a Buzz

How many companies will have exhibits at the trade show? 100? 200? More?

Even if it’s a small event with 25 displays, you still face a lot of competition. That’s why you need to generate buzz before and during the trade show.

You have several options. You could release new products on the same day as the event, which encourages people to come see what new items you have to offer.

You can also use Twitter and Facebook to get people to visit your booth. Social media is a powerful way to generate pre-show buzz and social media marketing during the trade show can continue the traffic. When you feel a lull in the day, use your Twitter account to announce that you’ll have a giveaway in 15 minutes. People will flock to your table for free merchandise.

3. Lacking Objectives

Many businesses come to trade shows with vague goals. They usually want to make sales or get leads.

That’s not very specific. Do you want to get 100 leads or 1,000 leads? Do you need to sell 1,000 items or 10,000?

If you don’t have a specific goal, then you don’t know whether the event was successful. That ultimately means that you never learn how you can adjust your sales approach to improve performance.

Don’t settle for vague goals that will make you feel satisfied without telling you what you accomplished. That’s like giving yourself an honorary award for participation.

4. Using Amateur Displays

You and your team are the driving force behind a successful trade show exhibit; however, you still need professional displays that will help you stand out from other businesses. When people see exhibits that use stock photographs or lots of text cramped together on a small canvas, they tend to walk on by without a second thought.

You can’t blame them. You’d do the same thing. Why would anyone waste their precious time talking to a company that doesn’t take itself seriously enough to use a professional display?

Look around your next trade show and you’ll see hundreds of companies that have brought their “A” game. If you don’t plan to bring yours, then you might as well stay at home.

What deadly mistakes have you seen other companies make during trade shows? Have you ever realized that you’re making the same mistakes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Interview with Simon Heseltine at ID2013 [VIDEO]

While in Miami at the Interactivity Digital Conference we had the pleasure of interviewing Simon Heseltine ( Director of Audience Development for AOL)). He provided insights into some of the burning questions below. (All in the best British accent… What more could you ask for?)

Here is the list of questions we asked him. Watch the video below for the useful answers.

  • What advice would you give to people trying to break into the industry?
  • What can speakers do to make their presentations more useful to you?
  • What do you think about the Matt Cutts video on the  penguin 2.0 update?
  • What tool would you sell a kidney for?

#EpicDinner Logo Design Contest Update

We have a winner! Huge thanks to everyone who entered the #EpicDinnerLogo contest. We had quite a few great designs to choose from, making it a difficult decision process. Alan forced himself to narrow it down to the top four designs and then the top two.

In the end, he liked the top two designs for different reasons, so he decided that the overall design he liked most would win and he would use the colors of the other design to create the final result.

Here’s the winning logo:


Thanks to Alexis Peschke for her awesome design. We’ll be hooking you up with an iPad Mini. Huge thanks as well to Jeff Pan for coming up with the great color scheme from his entry. Jeff will be receiving a $100 Amazon gift card for his efforts.

On top of those awesome prizes for the top two entries, we’re going to give everyone who entered 3 free months on an AuthorityLabs Pro account.

We’ll be emailing all entrants over the next couple days to coordinate prizes.