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$10 Says You’re Missing Key Tracking Opportunities


One of the biggest problems I see clients and newbie SEOs make is choosing either the wrong keywords to track or not enough. Here are a few scenarios I see frequently that annoy me to no end: Branded terms that the site’s either already ranking #1 for Too short of a list that only includes… Read more »

If You Haven’t Considered Nginx Yet, You Should


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been learning quite a bit about nginx. Most of AuthorityLabs has been running on nginx, with the most notable exception being the part of our site running on WordPress. I’ve been a long time fan of having a LAMP stack and when we migrated the site to AWS earlier… Read more »

Can Bad SEO Hurt Your Brand?

Angry bride

A friend of mine is engaged, and I am to be one of her bridesmaids. As a four-time bridesmaid, I’ve unfortunately been to more wedding blogs and bridal shop websites than a sane human should. Some are fantastic, doing everything SEOs recommend: engaging and well-written content, a solid back link profile, good information architecture, attractive… Read more »