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5 Hard Times Every Business Will Face on Social: What to Do


I have been managing social accounts for various businesses for about 5 years. I do really love social and it can be very rewarding, but there are times when things can get very difficult. I think any business that wants to have a strong social presence should have plans and strategies in place for dealing… Read more »

American Airlines, Great Customer Service Via Twitter


Yesterday morning at 6:20am American Airlines left a message that my flight was cancelled. They had rescheduled our flight, but I had several questions so I called the number they left on the message. I was on hold for 35 minutes when I tweeted this: Within 3 minutes I got this in reply: I told them… Read more »

Focus on the Outstanding: Write Less and Write Better

Little Hero

There is so much content being cranked out it is really impossible to read it all. I notice that much of the content appears to be calculated topics that I think are chosen strictly with the goal to bring in traffic. From what I see most of those articles have the same basic information I have… Read more »

Excel 103: How to Do Annotating in Excel

Excel 103: How to Do Annotating in Excel

Reports should be concise, clear, and pretty. One big way to help your reports be more clear is to label them clearly. Some simple tricks like adding a comment box next to a chart can really help draw in the untrained-data-eye. This is especially important when you have CEOs who hate looking at spreadsheets and… Read more »