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OMG Target. Really?

Target - Eff'd

I don’t even know where to start with this. Target launched a new site last week. I guess they’re pretty proud of it, but they’ve managed to completely fail in so many ways. The Backstory In 2001, Target elected to partner with Amazon in order to leverage Amazon’s e-commerce technology. This may have made sense… Read more »

An Impressive First 20 Years of the Internet

Internet History

A couple weeks ago, we were seeing everyone jumping on the 20 year birthday of the public internet. That got us thinking about what’s really happened over the past 20 years and how the internet evolved into what we see today. It really is impressive to think that a Cold War relic like DARPA that… Read more »

The “We Suck at Running Contests, Contest”

BlueGlass TPA

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been running a contest, asking our readers to give our centaur an identity and the only feedback we had was that he scares the crap out of people. So now we still have this BlueGlass TPA ticket to give away and either nobody wanted it or we suck at… Read more »

Knowem: One Tool to Rule Them All

Knowem logo

One of my favorite tools of all time is one I often find marketers have never heard of. A colleague told me just last week they hadn’t heard of it. Seriously? I can’t figure out how they managed to miss it. This single tool can help you get the ball rolling for all of your… Read more »

2 Free Tools for Your Budget SEO Suite

Screenshot from Xenu's Link Sleuth

There are lots of great SEO tools for enterprises and agencies – if you’ve got the money to pay for them. The reality is, most companies have a software budget they have to stay within, and we don’t get all the fun tools we wish we could. I’m in this position now with my current… Read more »