Why You Should Be Using the Teams Feature in AuthorityLabs

Don’t be a lone wolf. Start using Teams. Don’t know how? Watch this.


What’s so cool about teams?

Using Teams gives you the option to add users to your account who don’t have their own separate AuthorityLabs account. This means that multiple people in your company will have the option to view a custom list of domains that you would like to share.

You also have the ability to add admin privileges to these users and revoke those privileges at anytime. All it takes is a user’s email address to send them an invite. Then a confirmation and new account password from the user. This is extremely useful for adding employees from departments to corresponding teams.

Let’s say you have an account manager working on a client’s domains and they would like to access the client’s ranking data. All you need to do is set up a “Team” with that account manager’s clients and send them an invitation email.

Team members don’t have an account?

First, you have to invite a user. You can access this under Account > Access > People. When in the People tab, select Invite UserWhile in this tab all you need is the new users email address.

invite user page

You can select to add them with Admin privileges or not. You can also add them to a team that you have already created.

Once you have done this your new user will receive an invite email with the option to accept the invite or decline it. Once they have selected the invite they will input a password for their account and voilà! You now have a new user who can access the domains in that Team.

request access email

This process is only needed once per user. Once a user has been added to your account you can add them to multiple teams. You do this by navigating to Account > Access > Teams > People On This Team. Once on this page simply start to type in the user’s name/email and they will show up in a drop down menu.

find a user to add

Can this be used with my clients?

Definitely! I would highly suggest using this service to give your client’s access to their ranking info. With Teams you can create a different team for each of your clients. From there you can give them access to only their site’s info.

How do I remove access?

Removing access is very simple. Start off by going to  Account > Access > Teams (select the team you want to edit) >People On This Team. Here you are able to view everyone who has access on team to delete a user, simply select the red x on the right side of their name.

red c option

To allow them access, but remove their Admin privileges select their name and in the top right corner their is an option to “Remove Admin”.

remove admin

Here’s that tutorial on how to add Teams:

Backlink Data & What You Need to Know

We’ve finally got backlink data live.  Here’s what you need to know.

Resolving Domains & URLs

The first thing to notice is this icon Link to Resolved URL which you’ll find to the left of your domain or URL. Before we actually pull link data we resolve the URL you’ve entered into your account. Hover your mouse of that, or click it and you’ll be taken to the page which we get redirected to if your domain / URL is entered into a browser as is.  We do this because we get different link figures depending on how a domain or URL is entered. So, if your redirects are setup correctly, and have been for a while, your backlink figures should be correct.

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Backlink Data is Almost Here!

We’re excited to announce a pretty big new feature which will be live next week. We’ve been working with a few different API’s to bring in backlink data about any website. There aren’t that many sources for this information, and numbers from these sources can vary widely, which is why we decided to give you all of them, and let you choose which metric to look at. We’ve successfully incorporated data from Yahoo!, SEOmoz and MajesticSEO. We’re also pulling, in real-time, the latest blogs linking to any site. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see very soon.

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SEO Keyword Suggestions with the AdWords API

The AdWords API team has been making serious improvements on their API. We had been using the old version of their API, because that was the only thing available, but we’re now upgraded to the latest version.

We used to not be able to get search volume numbers as you would see them when set to ‘Exact Match’ over on the AdWords External Keyword Tool. With the new AdWords API, we’re now bringing in Exact Match numbers. What’s the difference between ‘Exact Match’ and ‘Broad Match’? Basically, ‘Broad Match’ gives you search volume numbers on that term, and closely associated terms to that one. ‘Exact Match’ supposedly tells us how many people searched for that term exactly on average in a given month.

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Domain & Email Aliasing

We recently released the ability to mask an AuthorityLabs account to any domain for Pro accounts. What does this mean exactly? Basically, instead of having your AuthorityLabs account show up at demo.authoritylabs.com, for example, it can live at demo.accountrank.com.

Lots of our customers have been giving clients access to their account, and now, with domain & email aliasing, those accounts are 100% white-labeled.

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Domain Labels Demo Video

Domain labels can help larger account distinguish two of the same domain. Why would an account have the same domain in it twice? In this video, you can see how to separate branded, from non-branded terms using multiple domains and domain labels. That’s one use case. You may also have two different clients with the same competitor. This makes it easy to figure out which one is which!