Case Study

A friend of mine, Travis Campbell, did a great review of AuthorityLabs on his marketing strategy blog. This is an example of how someone used AuthorityLabs to make sure their site is positioned where it should be during drastic changes. Travis had to merge two sites into one, and needed to easily ensure he retained his rankings. AuthorityLabs allowed him to get daily feedback on how changes he made to his site affected search engine visibility. He invested heavily in SEO and AuthorityLabs helped him protect that investment.

New Account Setup Screencast

Setting up your AuthorityLabs account is easy. I made a quick screencast to walk you through the process.  All you have to do is add a domain then add some keywords. After a day, you’ll start to see your account populate with ranking data.

New Sort Option

We’ve just added the ability to sort by rank change. When you click the heading of one of the search engine columns you get different sort options. So, it goes like this…

1st click: sorts by rank descending (from 1 – 100 – not ranking)
2nd click: sorts by rank ascending (from not ranking – 100 – 1)
3rd click: sorts by rank change descending (from -100 – 0 – +100)
4th click: sorts by rank change ascending (from +100 – 0 – -100)

This is what you get when you click the Bing column three times.


Quick Competitive Keyword Research

Figuring out what terms your competition is trying to rank for can be a great way to find keywords to target. If you know what to look for, it’s pretty easy figure out. When analyzing the competition, though, make sure THEY know which terms to target. If they do, the quickest thing to look at is the title tag.

Many times important terms will be included within the title tag. I took a look at the top 5 brands that came to mind within the consumer wireless industry. Here are their title tags…

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Continuing the Transition

We’ve been working day and night over the weekend to get everything moved over to Amazon smoothly. It didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped though. Yesterday we had problems that could be resolved by today, so there are going to be issues with your account.

Thanks for your patience as we work through this.

Scheduled Maintenance

Update: We had to postpone maintenance. We’ll be down from 11:00pm – 1:00am MST today.

FYI … we’ll be down for maintenance from 8:00am – 10:00am tomorrow as we move everything over to the new platform. Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience!