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How to Create Awesome Linkbait

Content marketing is a bit of a blunt instrument. It’s a number’s game, after all, designed to boost metrics like site visits, conversion rates and Shares, Likes, Tweets and Pins. You might not always feel like there’s a lot of subtlety at your disposal when you create marketing content, but the truth is a little… Read more »

Social Media Experts: Real vs. Fakers

Social Media is one of the hottest areas of digital marketing today. Everyone is on social media. Companies small and large are jumping into the pool of social media. That also means there are companies out there that have no idea what they are doing or where to turn when it comes to their social… Read more »

Guest Blogging: Why I’m Starting Now

Today, Matt Cutts dropped a metal folding chair on the SEO community’s head. He declared, once and for all, that guest blogging is dead and you should stop doing it. So, naturally, I decided that now is the perfect time to ramp up my ambitions that have been festering for a few months: I’m pitching… Read more »

Social Media Fakeness: Facts You Should Know

We all know the power of social media, but there are many businesses out there handling social media the wrong way. So many people want to take the easy route with social media and buy their way to fame rather than legitimately earning followers. These fakers usually include comedians, actors, politicians, and musicians but can… Read more »

What Marketers Can Learn from 2013’s Hottest Words

2013. Wow what a year. We had the pleasure of learning so many new words while viewing SO MANY selfies. Just the other day, selfies were being discussed on Facebook by a group of friends. But the selfies and their various forms is another blog in itself. As marketers we can certainly learn from all… Read more »

Google Webmaster Tools Adds Exact Click Traffic Data

GWT Adds Exact CTR Screenshot

Have you logged into your Google Webmaster Tools account recently?! If not, you should because you now have new data available. Google has added exact click numbers into Webmaster Tools. This data is great for figuring out actual click volumes and clickthrough rates from the SERPs. Google Webmaster Tools has its limitations, but could be… Read more »