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Beware of Your Digital Agency

That sounds like a totally crazy thought right? The reason you hired a digital marketing agency was to grow your business. You want to increase your sales and build your brand awareness. So how could a digital agency actually be giving you the exact opposite results? It could be lack of effort, lack of expertise,… Read more »

How to Create Awesome Linkbait

Content marketing is a bit of a blunt instrument. It’s a number’s game, after all, designed to boost metrics like site visits, conversion rates and Shares, Likes, Tweets and Pins. You might not always feel like there’s a lot of subtlety at your disposal when you create marketing content, but the truth is a little… Read more »

Guest Blogging is Dead? A Recap of Articles Discussing It

Four days ago Matt Cutts wrote about guest blogging being done and there was a huge uproar over it. He later updated his post to clarify that not all guest blogging was done :). Bottom line, guest blogging that includes quality articles that are unique, helpful and educational published on respected websites keep the guest… Read more »

Social Media Experts: Real vs. Fakers

Social Media is one of the hottest areas of digital marketing today. Everyone is on social media. Companies small and large are jumping into the pool of social media. That also means there are companies out there that have no idea what they are doing or where to turn when it comes to their social… Read more »

Guest Blogging: Why I’m Starting Now

Today, Matt Cutts dropped a metal folding chair on the SEO community’s head. He declared, once and for all, that guest blogging is dead and you should stop doing it. So, naturally, I decided that now is the perfect time to ramp up my ambitions that have been festering for a few months: I’m pitching… Read more »