Your SEO Might Suck If…

There are plenty of people who claim that SEO is a science. They say nearly every problem can be solved with a repeatable solution and that high page ranking is more of a function of long hours than smart work. They are wrong.

Proper SEO is more of an art than a science. Sure, there are plenty of repeatable steps the best guys practice in order to up your website’s visibility, but to think there’s any kind of one-size-fits-all approach will get you in a situation just like JCPenney.

Here are a few of our most-seen SEO mistakes that far too many people make.

1. Serving broken pages with a 200 response code

So you moved content, deleted a page or just didn’t get around to finishing a page you started. Do you leave it there? Of course not, unless you’re Greyhound. should be redirecting to the new Greyhound locations page, but apparently whomever constructed their site doesn’t seem to think so.

Seems /locations would be the ideal place to find locations of Greyhound terminals on their site.

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11 Tools To Help You Make More Money Online

You have an online business or a business with an online presence for one reason – to make money. Sure, you may love the business that you’re in but in the end it all comes down to one thing – paying the bills. Whether you’re already raking in the cash or only seeing a few pennies trickle in, you should always have a goal of making more money online and these 11 tools can help you do just that.
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The Benefits of Our New Indexed Page Feature

Do you know your search engine visibility? Most webmasters should have a general idea of how many of their domain’s pages are indexed in a search engine. While the number in your head may not be exact, you should know whether you have 500 pages indexed or 5,000 pages indexed. What if you only have 500 pages indexed but you know your site has in excess of 5,000 pages? Something is obviously wrong and this is where our new indexed page feature comes in handy.
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Authority Rules

authority-rulesThere are lots of reason we named AuthorityLabs what it is and Authority Rules pretty much sums them up.  This a great site put up by Copyblogger owner Brian Clark. He’s definitely built himself up as an authority on blogging and online marketing success.  We hope to do the same with reporting.

Don't Let Google Dupe You – You NEED a 3rd Party Rank Checker!

Post by Chris Hooley – AuthorityLabs Guest Blogger

Let’s just cut to the chase. Google’s personalized search and Digg like SERP voting mechanism is a great way for the big G to deliver fake results that give SEOs a false sense of security. When I search Google for Phoenix SEO, my first reaction is “Damn, I must be the Fonzi of SEO!” because right there at the top is my web design and SEO company’s website, followed up by my personal blog.  A one-two punch is pretty awesome for any keyword!

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Click Rate for Organic Rank Positions

I was curious as to how much more traffic a site could get if it was #1 vs. #2 and ran across this post from Jim Boykin’s blog. Evidently the data is from AOL from around 2006, which is a old but still relevant. This is why the SEO industry is getting larger every year compared to other marketing outlets given the current economic conditions we’re in.

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