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Import Your Raven Tools Historical Data

For those of you looking to get your historical data imported into our interface from Raven, we’re currently processing through those. If you have sent over your API keys and your keywords have been imported into our system, you’re ready to go for importing historical data for those keywords. In order to import that data,… Read more »

Import Your Sites & Keywords From Raven

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 10.51.23 AM

We’re wrapping up our importer to bring your sites and keywords over from Raven Tools. You can fill out the form here and we will get your account queued up for an import. This may take a few days to complete for everyone as we are being extra careful to make sure everything is accurate…. Read more »

Raven Tools Rank Tracking Migration Updates

As most people know by now, Raven Tools announced last Friday that they will be removing rank tracking from their interface. As one of the rank tracking tools suggested by Raven, we have obviously received many inquiries about features and streamlining the migration of Raven users. Most of the features being requested were already on… Read more »