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How To Smartly Localize The Ice Bucket Challenge

When you first heard about the ice bucket challenge, you secretly wondered “How can I newsjack this story for my business?” didn’t you? You can be honest. It wasn’t until the PR person you enlisted for help informed you that trying to benefit from such a sincere story was “kind of a jerk thing to… Read more »

Why Flowdock Is My Favorite Communication Tool


AuthorityLabs uses Flowdock for communication and it has become a tool I really enjoy using on a daily basis. It is so easy to use and it is a great way to stay in touch with everyone throughout the company. I am going to break down the parts of this tool that I love and show you how it… Read more »

The 3 Questions You Must Ask Before Outsourcing Content


You have a digital marketing firm handling search, social and analytics, and you’re happy with the work they’re doing so far. The design agency you hired is producing fabulous creative for the website and ancillary materials. And, the conversion-rate optimiization outfit the CMO reluctantly gave you budget for is working out nicely, helping you put… Read more »

Your Days Of Struggling With Content Creation Are Over


I hate keywords. Yes, I just wrote the words that could very well get me kicked out of content marketing. You know what? Your prospects hate keywords, too. If you doubt those words, visit Google Analytics and look at your main product/service pages, then look for pages with the highest bounce rates. Now visit the… Read more »

Data Visualization Guide for Marketers

Data Visualization Guide for Marketers

My goal for this guide is to show Internet marketers how they can use all of the various types of charts and graphs at their disposal to visualize their data and find actionable insights. I used Annie Cushing’s MozCon 2014 presentation and her Comprehensive Guide to Excel Charts for Marketers video, along with Microsoft’s guide… Read more »

5 Marketing Lessons from Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Image courtesy of Magnolia Pictures If you haven’t seen the beautifully shot documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi by David Gelb, I highly suggest you set aside some Netflix time in the near future to do so. The movie is touching, gorgeous and inspiring. That being said, I also found myself thinking about the documentary for… Read more »