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5 Marketing Lessons from Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Image courtesy of Magnolia Pictures If you haven’t seen the beautifully shot documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi by David Gelb, I highly suggest you set aside some Netflix time in the near future to do so. The movie is touching, gorgeous and inspiring. That being said, I also found myself thinking about the documentary for… Read more »

Why Your Business Must Adopt A Tough Medicine Mindset

Tough mindset

Blogs don’t normally keep me up at night, but two posts I read last week did just that. One was a LinkedIn post from Mark Traphagen who shared a tip he picked up from a podcast with Jay Baer about the value of providing “…and therefore” content, which is essentially highlighting what the information means and how readers… Read more »

Excel 105: PivotCharts Tutorial [Video]

Excel 105: PivotCharts [Video]

In my last post I discussed creating Pivot Tables on Mac and PC. Today we will take the next step in Excel,  PivotCharts! Ironically, I find that charts are much easier to work with. But, only if the PivotTable is set up correctly to start with. So, if you missed the creating pivot tables post… Read more »

96% Of B2B Marketers Suck At Content Marketing


If you read the headline and squirmed a little in your seat, chances are you’re part of the “content struggle contingent,” that group of would-be content marketing practitioners who knows they should be engaged in content marketing but remains stuck in neutral when it comes  to doing something that adds value to for their prospects… Read more »

Excel 104: Pivot Tables on Mac and PC [Video]

Excel 104: Pivot Tables on Mac and PC [Video]

My first impression of a Pivot Table: They are scary, confusing monsters that always make your data look funky. Once I got over the intimidation of them: They are the magical, unicorn warriors of the Excel world. The main thing that Pivot Tables do is … pivot … your data. Just like you would while trying to… Read more »