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​Google Grants Adwords Users Wishes with Customer Match


Google has always been focused on user experience, removing the bad and creating the good. Their newest announcement and feature is no different. In order to better improve the user experience, as well as the advertising experience for businesses, Google has created Customer Match. Announced during Advertising Week at Times Center Stage, Google’s Customer Match… Read more »

Tips on Networking at #Pubcon Las Vegas 2015


We have a lot of tips for you today. First, we have networking tips from the Pubcon Facebook group and then we have our “Pubcon Survival Tips” hangout video with Dave Rohrer & Simone Heseltine, which is full of tips for networking, making the most out of the conference and handling the after-conference activities. Simon Heseltine  –… Read more »

Retargeting in PPC & Social – AuthorityLabs HoA Recap, Video, & Podcast


This episode of the #Authority HoA was originally streamed live on September 2nd with featured guests Sean Dolan, President of PushFire, Inc. & Rachel Malone-Olson, Social Account Manager at aimClear, and hosted by Melissa Fach, produced by Michelle Stinson Ross, and color commentary from AuthorityLabs CEO, Chase Granberry. Below we a have a quick written recap, the video and… Read more »

Chrome Bids Farewell to Flash and Makes Additional Performance Updates​

​Chrome Bids Farewell to Flash and Makes Additional Performance Updates​

Attention advertisers! Still using Flash to design your online advertisements? Stop immediately! As of September 1st, Google Chrome will no longer support advertisements that contain Adobe Flash. Flash is usually seen in video enriched elements, online animation, and video games. Several designers began incorporating Flash into advertisements to add that extra flair of animation and… Read more »