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Excel 102 (Excel for Noobs in GIFs!)

This is the next step in the Excel for Noobs series. If you missed the first one, check out how to make format your data, organize it in a table and create a simple bar graph. This tutorial will go over conditional formatting! Let’s start with this first step, making it pretty. Just as I said… Read more »

Unleash The Power Of Gmail On Your Business In 10 Easy Steps

Let’s face it, each time you hear “You need a blog,” “All your competitors are on social media,” or “Google’s latest algorithm…,” your eyes glaze over and you wonder, under your breath, “When will I have the time to worry about any of this stuff?” We feel your pain. As a small business owner with… Read more »

6 Ways You Should Be Using Ranking Data in AuthorityLabs

So you’re tracking keywords using AuthorityLabs and loving the reporting capabilities that we give you, but just aren’t quite sure of all the different ways you can leverage the interface. We’ve thrown together a quick list of ideas to help improve your rank tracking efforts. Take advantage of these tips and you will end up… Read more »

Quickly and Efficiently Use AuthorityLabs [VIDEO]

Quickly and Efficiently Use AuthorityLabs [VIDEO]

In this tutorial I will walk through three simple tips that may cut your tool using time in half! I will go over how to import multiple domain, import large amounts of keywords, and quickly download a screenshot of your data. You can find all these tricks in the tutorial below. But if skimming is… Read more »

Google Webmaster Tools Adds Exact Click Traffic Data

GWT Adds Exact CTR Screenshot

Have you logged into your Google Webmaster Tools account recently?! If not, you should because you now have new data available. Google has added exact click numbers into Webmaster Tools. This data is great for figuring out actual click volumes and clickthrough rates from the SERPs. Google Webmaster Tools has its limitations, but could be… Read more »