3 Simple WordPress Features You Might Have Overlooked


There’s no denying the popularity of WordPress. Tens of millions of sites rely on it as a blog platform, content management system, and even social networks. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all that it does and how to make things work exactly the way you want. Over the years, I have seen thousands of different WordPress sites and installations. There are some very useful and easy to implement features that even today, people seem to overlook.


This is probably the most common feature I see overlooked by people using WordPress. Just about anyone putting out content will run into a situation where they want to embed a video, image, tweet, or podcast into a post. Most services like YouTube and Vimeo include a nice little embed code on the video page that you can copy and paste into anywhere that you want to drop a video. That’s great, but it’s actually much easier if you use WordPress’ built in Embeds feature.

Here’s how you take advantage of these embeds:

  1. Copy the URL of for the page that the video, image, etc. is on.
  2. Paste the URL into where you want the video, image, etc. to show up in WordPress

That’s it. Nothing complicated. No hunting down an embed code. No right clicking on an image to copy the URL so you can drop an image tag into your page and hoping someone doesn’t block it from being linked externally (or worse…stealing the image by downloading it).

New services are continuously added to the list, which currently covers the majority of popular sources that allow embeds. If you only want to enable certain providers from the list, you can use the wp_oembed_add_provider function to add to the list or wp_oembed_remove_provider to remove providers if your theme enables all providers by default. If there’s a service missing that you need, you can even create your own.

Custom “Read More…” For Each Post

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2 Vital Steps To Improve Your Digital Marketing: An SEO Podcast

SEO Podcast & Companion Blog Post

I sat down with Clark Buckner of Technology Advice and recorded this podcast where we ended up talking about three things that I’ve been able to do over the years that have helped me improve my digital marketing. These can be applied equally by in-house online marketing positions as freelance and agency SEOs. Initially I just included the transcript, but I decided instead to rewrite the transcript into a companion blog post to distill the ideas down a little bit more concisely for readers vs listeners.

Google, Businesses, & Technology Are Changing Everyday

I think sometimes SEOs and digital marketers like me forget to think of our our customers. Those that either hire an in-house marketing position or turn to marketing agencies have changing needs. The way their customers discover, access and relate to businesses is evolving as quickly as technology advances. It was just a few years ago that just having a website would immeditately be an advantage, and those early starters reaped the benefits, but now online marketing is more complex.

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8 Tips To Help Improve Your Google+ Profile


When it comes to Google+, you’re either a fanatic or utterly annoyed by it. Yet another social network we have to be a part of, and actually network with. In order to avoid disobeying the cyber gods and to help your overall professional online presence, it’s best to move forward using Google+. It is Google, afterall.

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to clean up your Google+ profile and add it to the list of social accounts to regularly network with. To really knock the socks off the Google+ nerds sandals, you’ll want to follow these eight tips.

1. Showcase Who You Really Are

Your profile is one of the first opportunities you have to to truly brand yourself and company. To avoid adding too much, or not defining who you want to come across as, it’s best to keep your profile simple and memorable.

  • Have a memorable tagline. When it comes to short snippet areas like this, give a catchy tagline people will be intrigued and remember you by. This area will also be used as your meta description, so don’t be afraid to be blunt and use all of the 160 characters allotted to describe exactly what you do, what you’re passionate about or what you’re remembered most for.
  • Stop using old profile photos. Your profile photo should be a recent and professional headshot of you, or at least the best looking headshot you have available. If you’re a speaker, try to have a great shot of you speaking at a recent event. Whereas if you’re a chef, your headshot should be featured with a kitchen in the background. It’s worth forking out the extra money to have a professional photographer, preferably someone who specializes in headshots, to take a few different shots that you can use on multiple profiles.
  • Completely fill-in your profile. When asking to connect with someone on Google+ their most likely going to click on your profile to see who you are, what you do, and why they should connect with you. So, give them all the right reasons with your profile information. Google+ gives you several options to uniquely identify yourself by linking blogs and companies you contribute to, basic apps you use, work experience, and other general info.
  • Don’t use Google+’s image options for your cover. Nothing is more basic and uncreative than choosing from a small portfolio of images provided for you, and the rest of the world, when creating your professional profile. If you are a business owner or have specific brand images, tie in your business or your passion somewhere in the cover photo. The recommended image size for the cover photo is 1080×608, so you have plenty of room to make a point, without excessive clutter.

Image Source: Hongkiat.com

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How to Set Up and Get the Most Out of Facebook Multi-Product Ads

As the Facebook news feed algorithm continues to be more and more restrictive for brands in the space, sponsored posts and ads have become the real power-house for businesses to engage with Facebook users across desktop and mobile.

Already in the first quarter of 2015, Facebook has made several changes to how campaigns are structured in Power Editor, how they report on key ad metrics, and added additional behaviors to audience targeting.

The New Multi-Product Ad

In the midst of all of this change, Facebook also began launching a new type of ad, the multi-product ad. This ad is still being rolled out to Facebook advertisers, but we are happy to give you a preview of how it works and how your brand might be able to use it.

According to the Facebook Business blog, “Multi-product ads enable businesses to showcase three products within a single ad unit, on desktop or mobile. Each product highlighted will have its own image, description and click target.”

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Facebook Advertising 101

Learn-Facebook-Advertsing-101You’re advertising on Google, writing blogs with keyword phrases, doing local search, and have a killer website. So why fork out even more marketing money and time for Facebook?

At the end of last year, Facebook reported 890 million daily active users on average. In English, that means 890 million people, worldwide, were actively logging in and checking their newsfeed, uploading photos and/or interacting on Facebook in some way. Facebook also reported last December that 745 million users are logging in and using Facebook from their phones. Thinking of unchecking that mobile option on your Facebook ad? Think again!

Cool Stats, But Why Do I Need to Pay For Advertising?

If the stats above weren’t convincing enough, here’s a big one from a post on Jeff Bullas’ blog, “30 million businesses now have a Facebook Fan Page and 1.5 million businesses are now spending money on Facebook ads”. If that many companies are concerned enough to not only have a presence on Facebook, but to invest, you might want to consider doing so as well.

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How To Improve Your Digital Marketing With Events

EventsThere’s something happening everyday and people want to be a part of it. People are looking for something “to do”, and hosting a public event is a huge online marketing opportunity. Before, during and after the actual event you can build links, create valuable partnerships that will benefit your business and connect with your target audience to help you create more successful and relevant content and products.

What kind of events can you hold?

  • Industry Meet and Greet
  • 101 Education
  • Charity Fundraiser
  • Subject Matter Meetup
  • Topical Presentation
  • Lunch andLearn
  • Coffee Club
  • Seminar
  • Whatever. I suggest some sort of beverage, snack or food item be made available though whatever kind of event you hold.