Universal Results Type Data

All account admins will now see a new column with some really interesting data about the type of things we find on a search result.  this isn’t available for users just yet). Wanted to get your feedback before we made it fully available.

We’re keeping track of which universal boxes are thrown on a search result. Currently, we’re detecting local, image, video, real-time, shopping, blog and news results.  We’re also detected if rich snippets were found on results.

So … if you’re tracking 100 keywords, and 90 of them are throwing image results, you should make sure your images are optimized well.  If a lot of keywords are throwing video results, start getting some video on YouTube.  These are opportunities for you to more easily get page one exposure for the terms you’re tracking within AuthorityLabs.

Here … we can see that when you search for ‘nexus one’ on Google, as of yesterday, you’ll get video and news results along with your typical web results.  We can also see that rich snippets existed on that page.  When you search for ‘cell phone’ you get shopping and news results.  When you search for ‘phone’ you get blog results, as well as rich snippets.

Here … we can see that when you search for ‘business events’ and ‘business networking events’ local packs are thrown but the domain ‘networkingphoenix.com’ wasn’t found within them.

We’re treating local packs a little different now.  If we find a local pack, and we find the domain or URL you’re tracking within that local pack, we’ll report on the position of that domain or URL within the local pack.

Here … we can see that when you search for ‘tampa lawyer’ you’ll get served a local pack, and as of yesterday, you’ll find tgalaw.com at position E.

Hopefully this will give you all much more insight into what’s happening within search engines, and provide a pretty easy way to find opportunities for more traffic.

SERPs Are Easy … Processing Them Isn’t

This morning we had another delay in processing results, which you noticed if you signed in sometime in the AM.

We’ve finished processing those are are running some other tasks on accounts, which populate other types of data.  So, everything’s good for today, just delayed a bit.

When we initially developed AuthorityLabs we thought just getting the search results at volume were going to be the hard part.  To get actual ranking data into accounts, there are three steps…

  1. Getting the search results.
  2. Assigning positions to every listing within those search results.
  3. Parsing the search results, with assigned positions, against the domains or pages everyone’s tracking.

We’ve pretty much nailed down steps #1 and #2. As you can see from this chart, we’re now successfully aggregating results for more than 3,000,000 keywords.

The issue we’ve been dealing with is in step #3. We think we’ve figured out a way to scale that part of the process, but it’s been a struggle to get everything working the way it should. We’re just about there, though, and are in the process of getting that as rock solid as steps #1 and #2.

New Account Setup Screencast

Setting up your AuthorityLabs account is easy. I made a quick screencast to walk you through the process.  All you have to do is add a domain then add some keywords. After a day, you’ll start to see your account populate with ranking data.

New Sort Option

We’ve just added the ability to sort by rank change. When you click the heading of one of the search engine columns you get different sort options. So, it goes like this…

1st click: sorts by rank descending (from 1 – 100 – not ranking)
2nd click: sorts by rank ascending (from not ranking – 100 – 1)
3rd click: sorts by rank change descending (from -100 – 0 – +100)
4th click: sorts by rank change ascending (from +100 – 0 – -100)

This is what you get when you click the Bing column three times.


Continuing the Transition

We’ve been working day and night over the weekend to get everything moved over to Amazon smoothly. It didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped though. Yesterday we had problems that could be resolved by today, so there are going to be issues with your account.

Thanks for your patience as we work through this.

Scheduled Maintenance

Update: We had to postpone maintenance. We’ll be down from 11:00pm – 1:00am MST today.

FYI … we’ll be down for maintenance from 8:00am – 10:00am tomorrow as we move everything over to the new platform. Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience!