Some Hickups Today

Update: Things are back to normal now.

Early this morning the process that pulls yesterday’s ranking data into the interface was delayed about five hours. Your account may look wonky, and be really slow, until this completes. It should be soon, but I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on. We do have your data, it just may not look like it at the moment. Everything will be back to normal in a few hours. Thanks for your patience.

Since we’re talking backend things at the moment … might as well update everyone on what we’re working on. For the last few weeks we’ve been updating the entire architecture to be much more reliable, flexible and scalable. Part of this process is getting everything on Amazon’s cloud. We’ve been on Slicehost up until now, but are running into some issues with them, as you may have noticed today :( Amazon will not only allow us to scale the way we aggregate and process your data, but they also provide us with quite a few utilities to take advantage of in the process.

Again … thanks for your patience as we make this transition. Things will be a LOT better here shortly!

Insights from Summary Data

There are a lots of ways to pull out insights from the AuthorityLabs interface. The Summary section can help people understand pure visibility of a site within search engines. Here are a couple examples…

This Summary section was pulled from a site tracking 1000 keywords. In the middle of August they pushed a big SEO update. The plan was for that update to fix a lot of on-page issues and it looks like it worked. When we started tracking these keywords they were doing really well on Google, relatively well on Yahoo! but they weren’t anywhere on Bing. You can see that by comparing average ranking data. Over the past month they’ve managed to improve their visibility on Bing quite a bit. They started with an average rank on Bing of around 100, and now they have an average rank of 56 which speaks a lot for some of the techniques they’ve used.

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Keyword Counts

You may have noticed your keyword count decrease since yesterday, here’s why…

We’ve updated the way we count keywords within an account. We used to count each keyword / domain combination as a seperate keyword. If you had three domains tracking the same keyword, it would count as three keywords. We now only count keywords based on the keyword / locale combination. So if you have three US domains tracking the same keywords, it only counts as 1 keyword towards your limit. But, if you are tracking the same keyword for three different locales (e.g. US, UK and CA for example) it counts as 3 keywords towards your limit.

Keyword Tagging and AdWords Data

We’ve been working hard to build the things our customers have said they want. These are what we’ve been working on, and as of today, have enabled for all accounts…

AdWords Search Volume Data


We’ve been working with the AdWords API for a while.  Everyone has had average global monthly search volume figures for Google in their .csv exports, but just now we enabled them in the interface.  [Read more...]

Changes Coming

Update: Changes are live!

We’re going to be pushing a pretty big update to AuthorityLabs soon. We’ve revamped and cleaned up the interface quite a bit and added a bunch of features which should make managing an account a lot easier. Most notably though, this new interface will make room for keyword tagging which isn’t completed yet but will be in the next couple weeks. We’ve always wanted to build something which enables marketers to easily access, analyze and find opportunities within keyword ranking data. This update and keyword tagging will get us a lot closer to that goal while keeping things pretty simple.

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White-Label SEO Reports

Ultimately we want to provide full web-based white-label seo reports and we’re on our way.  Today we added the ability for each AuthorityLabs account to sport their own logo.  When you upload a logo (in your account tab > Edit Account Info), the company name on the top of each account gets replaced with an image of your choice.

So instead of this…


You see this (or whatever image you choose)…


This is just the beginning.  Soon you’ll be able to customize your own account colors, and alias our domain to yours.