Implementing Microdata

Last week, Google, Bing and Yahoo announced collaboration on a single standard for structured markup. Yes, I’m talking about and utilizing Microdata for “Rich Snippets.”

Since then, many sites have posted about why might be good, bad or otherwise for site owners; some balanced, some not. Personally, I think structured markup and machine-readable information is always good to have on your site, regardless of potential SEO benefits. I’ve had a love for structured markup (in the form of Microformats) since I first laid eyes on hCard several years ago. I could have written a whole post about why I think is good for SEO, but instead I decided to implement it on a site of mine.
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Bing and Find the Perfect Desktop Wallpaper

bing-image-search-filter-wallpaperI was playing around with Bing image search today after reading about how great it was. It provides easy and quick ways to search for the image of your dreams. After playing for a bit, I noticed you can choose to filter by image size with five options: all, small, medium, large and wallpaper.

I filtered my search by ‘wallpaper’ and noticed that all the images it returned were 1440 x 900 pixels, the exact resolution of my screen.  I changed my screen size to 1024 x 768, searched again, filtered by ‘wallpaper’ and all the images it returned were 1024 x 768. As simple as this is, it’s a very useful and very thoughtful feature.

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Bing Changes

We’ve been tracking quite a few domains and keywords on Live for sometime now. I was curious to see if Microsoft made an effort to improve the actual results within their new search engine Bing, and not just dress up results. It looks like they definitely made a few changes to how they rank sites. This isn’t the case for every keyword across the board, but a good amount of the keywords we’re tracking significantly changed positions on the 13th of last month.  Here are some examples …