Latest CSVs Exported

We’ve got a quick, handy new feature available for everyone today. Now in your account tab you’ll see the last 10 CSVs that were exported and links to all of them anyone on your team can download. You can also see the status of each export in progress.   [Read more...]

Universal Results Type Data

All account admins will now see a new column with some really interesting data about the type of things we find on a search result.  this isn’t available for users just yet). Wanted to get your feedback before we made it fully available.

We’re keeping track of which universal boxes are thrown on a search result. Currently, we’re detecting local, image, video, real-time, shopping, blog and news results.  We’re also detected if rich snippets were found on results.

So … if you’re tracking 100 keywords, and 90 of them are throwing image results, you should make sure your images are optimized well.  If a lot of keywords are throwing video results, start getting some video on YouTube.  These are opportunities for you to more easily get page one exposure for the terms you’re tracking within AuthorityLabs.

Here … we can see that when you search for ‘nexus one’ on Google, as of yesterday, you’ll get video and news results along with your typical web results.  We can also see that rich snippets existed on that page.  When you search for ‘cell phone’ you get shopping and news results.  When you search for ‘phone’ you get blog results, as well as rich snippets.

Here … we can see that when you search for ‘business events’ and ‘business networking events’ local packs are thrown but the domain ‘’ wasn’t found within them.

We’re treating local packs a little different now.  If we find a local pack, and we find the domain or URL you’re tracking within that local pack, we’ll report on the position of that domain or URL within the local pack.

Here … we can see that when you search for ‘tampa lawyer’ you’ll get served a local pack, and as of yesterday, you’ll find at position E.

Hopefully this will give you all much more insight into what’s happening within search engines, and provide a pretty easy way to find opportunities for more traffic.

What We’re Working On

Things aren’t working like they should today. Over the last three or four weeks we’ve been working on a lot of major updates to AuthorityLabs.  Everything was looking good on our staging server so we decided to get everything on production last weekend. We spend all day Saturday and Saturday night (till about 5:00am) getting production setup with the new hotness, and weren’t able to completely finish the push to production until  Sunday afternoon. Everything was pulling down data correctly, but we’ve run into some issues this morning which is causing that data not to show correctly.

Things may be a little funky for the next couple days but it’ll be worth it, I promise!  Here are a few new things you can expect to see in your account this week…

  • Indexed page data – the total number of pages of a domain or subfolder indexed in Google, Yahoo! and Bing with a list of the most authoritative pages according to each engine.
  • Type data – we’re now looking for universal results which appear on Google.  If we parse a serp and find image, shopping and video results you’ll be able to see that in the new ‘Type’ column.
  • Local ranking data – along with the type data you’ll see if a local pack is thrown. If we find the URL or domain your tracking within that local pack you’ll be able to see the position.
  • Real-time results – pretty soon after you add new keywords you’ll have ranking data.  We’re still refining this to get it as close to ‘real-time’ as possible but on staging it’s currently only taking about 30 seconds.
  • Updated graphing library – We’ve completely revamped the graphs, which are now entirely javascript based (so you can see them on your mobile).  They also allow us to do rolling averages on the fly in the browser, which will help visualize longer timeframes and view trends associated with rankings.
  • Some API updates for a few of our heavier API consumers.

We’re going to get all this working right today, but it’ll probably take a couple days to work some of the kinks out. We really appreciate your patience.

Backlink Data & What You Need to Know

We’ve finally got backlink data live.  Here’s what you need to know.

Resolving Domains & URLs

The first thing to notice is this icon Link to Resolved URL which you’ll find to the left of your domain or URL. Before we actually pull link data we resolve the URL you’ve entered into your account. Hover your mouse of that, or click it and you’ll be taken to the page which we get redirected to if your domain / URL is entered into a browser as is.  We do this because we get different link figures depending on how a domain or URL is entered. So, if your redirects are setup correctly, and have been for a while, your backlink figures should be correct.

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SEO Keyword Suggestions with the AdWords API

The AdWords API team has been making serious improvements on their API. We had been using the old version of their API, because that was the only thing available, but we’re now upgraded to the latest version.

We used to not be able to get search volume numbers as you would see them when set to ‘Exact Match’ over on the AdWords External Keyword Tool. With the new AdWords API, we’re now bringing in Exact Match numbers. What’s the difference between ‘Exact Match’ and ‘Broad Match’? Basically, ‘Broad Match’ gives you search volume numbers on that term, and closely associated terms to that one. ‘Exact Match’ supposedly tells us how many people searched for that term exactly on average in a given month.

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Domain & Email Aliasing

We recently released the ability to mask an AuthorityLabs account to any domain for Pro accounts. What does this mean exactly? Basically, instead of having your AuthorityLabs account show up at, for example, it can live at

Lots of our customers have been giving clients access to their account, and now, with domain & email aliasing, those accounts are 100% white-labeled.

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