Domain Labels Demo Video

Domain labels can help larger account distinguish two of the same domain. Why would an account have the same domain in it twice? In this video, you can see how to separate branded, from non-branded terms using multiple domains and domain labels. That’s one use case. You may also have two different clients with the same competitor. This makes it easy to figure out which one is which!

New Sort Option

We’ve just added the ability to sort by rank change. When you click the heading of one of the search engine columns you get different sort options. So, it goes like this…

1st click: sorts by rank descending (from 1 – 100 – not ranking)
2nd click: sorts by rank ascending (from not ranking – 100 – 1)
3rd click: sorts by rank change descending (from -100 – 0 – +100)
4th click: sorts by rank change ascending (from +100 – 0 – -100)

This is what you get when you click the Bing column three times.


Keyword Tagging and AdWords Data

We’ve been working hard to build the things our customers have said they want. These are what we’ve been working on, and as of today, have enabled for all accounts…

AdWords Search Volume Data


We’ve been working with the AdWords API for a while.  Everyone has had average global monthly search volume figures for Google in their .csv exports, but just now we enabled them in the interface.  [Read more...]

Changes Coming

Update: Changes are live!

We’re going to be pushing a pretty big update to AuthorityLabs soon. We’ve revamped and cleaned up the interface quite a bit and added a bunch of features which should make managing an account a lot easier. Most notably though, this new interface will make room for keyword tagging which isn’t completed yet but will be in the next couple weeks. We’ve always wanted to build something which enables marketers to easily access, analyze and find opportunities within keyword ranking data. This update and keyword tagging will get us a lot closer to that goal while keeping things pretty simple.

[Read more...]