Local Results Updated

After the latest local changes Google made to the search results we had a lot of updates to do with regards to how we process the local results. Those updates are now live and have been for a few days. Here’s an overview on how we parse each kind of local search result we’re getting served. We’re currently getting served three different types: the old style, the newest integrated style, and another style similar to the old style only the text that preceeds that pack starts with “Places for…”.

We’ve had a few questions on exactly how we plan on calculating rankings with these new results and why. Basically we try and make the “rank” reflect where that site would actually be¬†located¬†within a traditional search results page. [Read more...]

Data Collection With Google Spreadsheets

Here at AuthorityLabs, we really like to play with data. Whether it’s checking website rankings or tracking indexed pages, we’re crunching a ton of data all day, every day. Recently, we’ve started playing with some features in Google Spreadsheets that seem to have an almost endless possibility for collecting and manipulating data. Using the functions for external data, we’ve put together a list with a few ways to help speed up common tasks related to SEO. While it’s not a new feature, I think it’s probably underused. [Read more...]

Google Barcode

Ha … Google’s changed their logo to a barcode! I fired up the Barcode Scanner app on my G1 to decrypt it and guess what, it’s Google in barcode.

I’d been making some updates to the blog and loaded up Google (because it’s my default page). It’s hard to miss, but there ;) Turns out the original barcode patent was filed October 7th, 1952 by Wallace Flint.





Search is Social

Search Is Social‘Social media’ is the new craze because of how large sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are getting. The web has been social since it’s existence, it’s all about communication and getting information from one place to another. Forums were around way before MySpace. These concepts aren’t new they’ve just been implemented in a way that makes it easier for people to connect.

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Canonical Tag is Useless

The canonical tag is simply a way to silence webmasters.Webmasters and Duplicate Content

Yesterday at SMX West it was announced that Google, Yahoo! and Live have agreed upon a method to help webmasters define original content within a site. The canonical tag is a meta tag used to tell search engines which page to list in SERPs when multiple listings of the same, or very similar content exist in their databases.

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GetListed.org – Local SEO Made Easy

local-seo-toolGetListed.org is the right tool at the right time. If you have a business that relies heavily on local searches, local referrals and local customers definitely take advantage of this site. The price point is perfect – FREE.

The premise behind local SEO is that the more your business is mentioned, reviewed and listed across the web the more ‘local authority’ search engines think you have with regards to a given search. Having a claimed and thorough listing with each major search engine will do a lot to benefit the exposure your listings get.

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