Profile Page Optimization

Yesterday I posted about how could do a few things better with regards to how their site is structured. One of the things that came up is how they need to optimize their profile pages. Personal search results are very important to people these days. Some have even coined the term ‘online reputation management’ to describe the process of making your personal SEPRs better. Lets take a look at how websites can be optimized for their member profile pages.

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Small Business SEO is All About Content

There are literally hundreds of factors that go into search engine optimization, and it’s difficult for most people to think about all of them.  That’s why companies are hired to perform SEO services, because they have the know-how and experience to get people ranked. Small businesses usually don’t have the resources to hire someone who’s going to do a great job for them. Like most things in life, you pay for what you get with SEO service providers. These days a lot of small business are trying to be smarter about search on their own. It’s not impossible to teach yourself SEO, if you have the time and desire anyone can learn enough to get by.

The best way for small businesses to increase their visibility online is through frequent and quality search friendly content generation.

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Content Tags

Tags are all the rage these days.  We’re seeing them everywhere, but why?

Tags offer a few different benefits. Essentially, tags are a way to quickly visualize what a certain type of content is about. Tag clouds can convey a lot of information very legibly. Take a look, for example, at this tag cloud of Obama’s inauguration speech. Which words stand out to you?

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Outbound Linking Is Very Important

Linking to other websites correclty is extremely important in establishing your blog as an authority online. A little primer first … there are literally hundreds of factors that go into ranking well for a certain subject. Google looks at how your website is coded, how quickly it responds, what other sites are on your IP address, what content is on your site, etc.

One of the most important factors, though, is who’s linking to you and in what way. When someone links to you using relevant anchor text it’s like saying to Google, “Hey, this site is about ‘insert keywords here.’” Google uses that anchor text, the text around it and the overarching theme of the page it’s on to determine relevance and authority of where those links point to.

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