The Rankings iPhone App

rankings-screenshotThe last couple of weeks we’ve been working on a quick little rank checker for the iPhone with the iPhone consultants at Held.  We pretty much built the initial app in a day and fine tuned it over a week or so.  Two days ago Apple approved it, with no notice to us :(  But now we know and everyone can download it via iTunes here.

This is the first version, we need some help testing it out, and would love feedback.  If you’ve got ideas, let us know in the comments below!

Don't Let Google Dupe You – You NEED a 3rd Party Rank Checker!

Post by Chris Hooley – AuthorityLabs Guest Blogger

Let’s just cut to the chase. Google’s personalized search and Digg like SERP voting mechanism is a great way for the big G to deliver fake results that give SEOs a false sense of security. When I search Google for Phoenix SEO, my first reaction is “Damn, I must be the Fonzi of SEO!” because right there at the top is my web design and SEO company’s website, followed up by my personal blog.  A one-two punch is pretty awesome for any keyword!

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