Will Using AuthorityLabs Penalize Your Domain?

I’ve noticed that a few people are googling ‘authority labs penalised.’ Evidently some are concerned that checking your rankings with us will penalize your positioning within search results. I guarantee that it will not.

IP addresses will get penalized by search engines when they detect an abnormal amount of searches coming from a single IP. When this happens Google, for instance, throws up a CAPTCHA to make sure that humans are actually using their service and not automated rank checking software like WebPosition. A lot of the time poor quality rank checking software can poll search engines too often. They don’t like this because it takes up valuable bandwidth.

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Ranking Reports are a Necessary KPI

There’s a long standing debate about ranking reports as an KPI (key performance indicator) for the success of an organic SEO campaign. Obviosly, we like ranking reports :)


This post will go into a few reasons why they are necessary, and valuable data to have. Lots of people have weighed in on the topic …

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