Bing Changes

We’ve been tracking quite a few domains and keywords on Live for sometime now. I was curious to see if Microsoft made an effort to improve the actual results within their new search engine Bing, and not just dress up results. It looks like they definitely made a few changes to how they rank sites. This isn’t the case for every keyword across the board, but a good amount of the keywords we’re tracking significantly changed positions on the 13th of last month.  Here are some examples …




Search is Social

Search Is Social‘Social media’ is the new craze because of how large sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are getting. The web has been social since it’s existence, it’s all about communication and getting information from one place to another. Forums were around way before MySpace. These concepts aren’t new they’ve just been implemented in a way that makes it easier for people to connect.

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Ranking Reports are a Necessary KPI

There’s a long standing debate about ranking reports as an KPI (key performance indicator) for the success of an organic SEO campaign. Obviosly, we like ranking reports :)


This post will go into a few reasons why they are necessary, and valuable data to have. Lots of people have weighed in on the topic …

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Rank Monitoring, Analytics and Keyword Research | The SEO Trifecta

Since the launch we’ve been signing up accounts left and right.  A lot of people have been asking … “Ok, so now I have this ranking info, now what?”

I’ve explained the way AuthorityLabs can provide serious value when used in combination with a good analytics system and keyword research tool a few times, so I thought it would make a good blog post.

First, if you have a website already and you don’t have analytics installed DO IT, right now! Google Analytics is easy to install, easy to use and best of all it’s free. Analytics information is invaluable these days. If you have a contact info form, or you’re actually selling something set up goals so you know what your conversion rate is. Use the Google Analytics Help Center to learn how to set up goals. Once you do this, wait a month so you have some decent data and then find out how much traffic you’re getting from search and which keywords people are using to get there.

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