TV Goes Social: The Rise of the Second Screen [Infographic]

Television is changing right before our eyes. It is not just about the programming – that is obvious. But rather it is about the way we wacth television. In fact, TV viewers are increasingly watching their favorite programs with their mobile devices in hand, whether that be a smart phone (as I do), tablet or even a good ol’ laptop. These devices are being used to compliment the viewing experience by searching for detailed information on what they are watching, or connecting with others, or even to just generally browse the Internet or check email during commercials. This “second screen” trend is changing television viewing in some surprising ways.

In the following infographic originally published by, see how television is going social with the rise of the second screen. Then be sure to comment and let us know if you fit into this growing trend or that you are more of a traditionalist.



Knowem: One Tool to Rule Them All

One of my favorite tools of all time is one I often find marketers have never heard of. A colleague told me just last week they hadn’t heard of it. Seriously? I can’t figure out how they managed to miss it. This single tool can help you get the ball rolling for all of your social media, brand management and online reputation management campaigns, and assist you with content creation and link building. It alone has saved me countless hours of mind numbing work  and possible carpal tunnel.

It is, of course, Knowem (like “know ‘em”).

In essence, Knowem signs up for all your social media profiles for you. Like, 300 of them. Run an agency and frequently sign up social media accounts for clients? Save your interns from carpal tunnel and sign up for one of their plans. If you work for a large organization with many brands to manage, again save your interns the pain and sign up for a plan.
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Location-Based Data: The Next Frontier for Local Search?

When Google released their new Local search results format in October, 2010, SEOs quickly determined that the number of reviews and overall rating associated with a business were ranking factors. They also predicted that these would be quickly be gamed.

It was an easy ranking factor to launch the new integrated SERPs with, as they already had piles and piles of review data from their own properties as well as sites they’d partnered with. But Google’s algorithms are not static, and it couldn’t be too long before the Local algorithm included other ranking factors.

Now, it looks like they might be starting to think about other options. A paper submitted to the upcoming Very Large Data Bases conference, on Hyper-Local, Directions-Based ranking and written by two Googlers along with two other researchers, proposes a method for using direction queries…say, of the sort a user might enter into Google Maps…to determine interest in particular places that could possibly be used for ranking such places.
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10 Things You Shouldn’t Use Social Media For

Now that I’ve introduced you to the 8 Social Media Tools That Your Small Business Needs to be Using, it is time to discuss some important social media don’ts. In the world of Google Cache, nearly everything you put out there on the Internet is there to stay for all eternity. While some of these suggestions might be common sense, you’d be surprised at the type of information that makes its way to the public courtesy of social media. Without further ado, I present you 10 things you shouldn’t use social media for.
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8 Social Media Tools That Your Small Business Needs to be Using

If you own a small business and you haven’t embraced social media yet, you need to get started now. The world of social media feels like it is in a constant state of change but there are some important social media tools that your small business needs to be using now. This guide will help you get started.

With over 500 million active users, half of whom log on to the site every day, your company absolutely needs to have a presence on Facebook. Facebook has changed over the years but right now, you should get a Facebook Page set up. The process is really quite simple, especially if you already have a Facebook account. The site even has a step-by-step tutorial to create a Facebook Page for your business. I could dedicate an entire post to Facebook best practices but for now, get your page set up and start promoting it.
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Tweets for Boobs Status

An update on #tweetsforboobs, but first … thanks for everyone’s participation so far. You all have been amazing!!! Keep it up!

How #tweetsforboobs Started (if you’re curious)

We’re really happy to be involved with the #tweetsforboobs twitter campaign for breast cancer awareness. At the beginning of September I decided I wanted to do something non-profit oriented on Twitter. I bounced the idea off of my buddy Josh Strebel, he liked it and reminded me that October is breast cancer awareness month. I have a few women very close to me who are currently fighting breast cancer or have survived it. Because of that, I really wanted to see if we could make something work, on Twitter, to 1) help raise awareness, and 2) generate donations. A few days later we bought the domain and started putting things in motion.

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