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Add Domains & Choose Locale

Add DomainsEasily add domains or pages to be tracked from anywhere. Add as many domains or individual pages as your account allows. We can track your domains in just about every country and language offered by Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If you're tracking domains in the United States, you can even choose to track at the city or zip code level.

Add All Your Keywords

Add KeywordsTrack thousands of keywords within each domain and get ranking data every day for Google, Yahoo! and Bing. A full ranking history for every keyword is stored for the lifetime of your account. Keywords are counted on a keyword/location combo. 1 keyword = data on Google, Yahoo! and Bing for as many domains of the same location as your account allows. Once you add a keyword, we typically return data for it within 30 minutes.

Group Related Domains

GroupingWe built AuthorityLabs with users who monitor multiple related sites in mind. Whether you have multiple domains on the same topic, want to monitor competitors, or track sites across multiple countries, you can save time with domain groups.

Track Your Competition

Track CompetitionTracking your main competitors is critical to a successful SEO campaign. Add their domains and the same sets of keywords as your own domain. Since one keyword only counts as one keyword no matter how many domains you track it for, there’s really no reason not to keep an eye on the competition.