API Overview

Interface API

If you are using our interface and on a paid Enterprise account, you can get access to our rank tracking interface API. The documentation for that API is available on Apiary.

Partner API

The Partner API should be used when you only require search results and is different from our standard interface accounts. Pricing is based on specific endpoint usage, per thousand calls.

What You Get

JSON SERPs – Get the top ~100 results for each keyword assembled and parsed into JSON like this: https://gist.github.com/1989528. We maintain our crawling tools and make changes as necessary, automatically.

Real-time Results – We offer the option to run keywords for results within ~1 minute. There is additional cost for this and is meant to be used when your users expect data back quickly.

Raw HTML – We allow the option of accessing the actual HTML used to assemble every JSON file.

Usage Based Pricing – Only pay for what you use. Our pricing is based on the number of requests made to our system.

Admin Dashboards – You get your admin dashboard which provides real-time usage for this hour, hourly usage for the last 24 hours, and daily usage for the last 30 days. We also log every one of your requests and archive those in case you feel there are any discrepancies with our reporting and invoicing.

Quick Integration Time – On average it’s taken about 2 weeks for people fully integrate the Partner API with their existing systems.

Flexibility – We only update data when you tell us to, so you can update monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly if you feel like it.


Documentation for the Partner API


If you’re interested in the Partner API you can either contact us, or email sales@authoritylabs.com.


For those who are using PHP, we went ahead and created a basic class to allow you to POST, GET, and parse out rankings from our Partner API. You can download it from GitHub here.


Make sure to check out the reference for common codes we use.

Also take advantage of our API console, courtesy of Apigee. Currently the API console only supports the Partner API.

Looking to get started on the Partner API? Contact us for more info