10 Social Media Addicted Personality Types

social media addictionSocial Media Addiction. It’s not a pretty sight.

Do you know the signs? Can you pick out a social media addict out of a crowd of people?

I’m sure you’ve seen the addiction signs of social networks too.

The guy shaking his phone in a silent rage, face turning red and eyes squinted closed because maybe Tumblr was down for maintenance or he was knocked out as Mayor of his favorite Foursquare coffee house by some teenage girl?

Maybe someone like the lady falling into the fountain while texting:

Completely oblivious to the world around them except what’s happening on their phone.

We’ve all seen the person who claims to be a social media “guru”, “maven” or “ninja” in their bio and on their business card. Strutting around at the hottest social media club event like a peacock in full summer plumage with his business cards out and ready to be handed to the next person who gives him eye contact.

Or maybe YOU are the person who must, MUST, MUST check your Facebook and Twitter before you get out of bed on your phone? Hmmm? No matter what, you can’t go 15 minutes without checking your social media profiles? Afraid you’ll miss out on something?

Has someone suggested you have an unnatural attachment to your iPhone? That you spend too much time typing on your phone, updating your Twitter feed, your Foursquare check-in for your bed when you wake up in the morning? Is it a compulsion?

Social Media Addiction Based on The
“Fear of Missing Out”?

How strong is that compulsion? Nearly 40 percent of the respondents agreed they would rather do any of the following than give up their social networking profiles:

  • Wait in line at the DMV
  • Read “War and Peace”
  • Do their taxes
  • Give up an hour of sleep each night for a year
  • Run a marathon
  • Sit in traffic for four hours while listening to polka music
  • Get a root canal
  • Spend a night in jail
  • Clean the drains in the showers at the local gym
  • Give up their air conditioner/heater

Maybe you should check out this infographic from Marketo and check if you see yourself in one of these social “personalities”:

Social Media Sickness
(Source: Marketo)

If you recognize any family, friends, anyone on Twitter or Facebook who exhibit these traits, make sure to share this post with them. Let’s stop social media addiction before it becomes an epidemic. 😉

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