4 Reasons Google Plus for Small Business Is Required

Little more than a year ago, small businesses could argue that they didn’t need Google Plus (Google+). The social networking site just didn’t have the users and activity of Facebook, so it wasn’t worth the effort. Things have changed since then. If you doubt that, just consider these 4 reasons all small businesses need Google Plus.

1. Google Plus Integrates Other Google Features

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Google is the only company that currently has the ability to integrate hundreds of features into one social network.

You know the frustration of finding a restaurant on Facebook, but having no way to get directions from your house to the restaurant without first copying the address and going to another website (probably Google Maps)?

That doesn’t exist with Google Plus because Google Maps is right there for you to use.

In a world where customers would rather find a new business than go through the steps of finding your location, it makes sense to have a presence on Google Plus.

2. Google Hangouts Reduce Travel Expenses

A small business that has offices in several cities faces a difficult problem: how do you coordinate activities between groups without spending a lot of money on travel?

Google Plus has the solution with Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts makes it easy for you to host brainstorming sessions and video conferences without wasting money. You don’t have to pay for plane tickets, hotel rooms, or per diem expenses. As long as you have a webcam, you’re good to go.

3. Google Plus is Growing, and It’s Just Getting Started

As of June 2012, Gmail had about 425 million users. Google could have easily forced all of those users into becoming Google Plus users. Although the company definitely gave Gmail account users plenty of opportunities to join, but the company never forced its devotees to do so.

Why does this matter? Because it shows that Google Plus isn’t interested in grabbing a huge chunk of the social media world as quickly as possible. It’s quite comfortable sitting back, building its applications, and letting people come to it.

Google Plus is just getting started. It makes sense for small businesses to get in now before the service experiences a big explosion. It’s coming. The question is whether you will get on before or after.

4. Joining Google Plus Gives You More Authority

Google Plus might not have as many users as Facebook, but the people who have joined know what they’re doing.

More than any company, Google determines which websites succeed and fail. When’s the last time you used Yahoo! to search the Web? Joining Google Plus could, very soon, play a part in how your page gets ranked.

Google recently added blogger authority to its ranking algorithm so that popular writers have more influence than those who don’t publish often.

By joining Google Plus, bloggers can help Google keep track of their posts. That helps small businesses improve their page rankings. It’s a little sneaky, but this will have a big influence over who joins Google Plus in the upcoming year.

What are some other reasons you think small businesses should join Google Plus?

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Timothy Carter is founder of digital marketing agency, OutrankLabs. He’s also the Director of Business Development for the Seattle-based content marketing agency, AudienceBloom. When Timothy isn't telling the world about the great work his company does, he's planning his next trip to Hawaii while drinking some Kona coffee.

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Jerry Nihen

Hi Tim,

Great article. Definitely one of the best Google+ articles I’ve read. I liked how you stepped away from the “needed to increase SEO” (which is often false) viewpoint, and gave us concrete examples.

I’m particularly interested in integrating the Hangouts in my own business, actually.

However, I have one small problem. I’ve tested out Google+ with a few clients and niches, and unfortunately analytic data has failed to demonstrate that the time invested in Google+ is worth the return results. To clarify, upon integrating the required Google+ features into Google Places, the results for my clients haven’t drastically changed/increased when posting updates, sharing content etc. WDYT? Do you feel businesses need to monitor Google+ like they do Facebook, or is simply setting one up enough (broad scope, naturally each businesses needs/niche determine the ultimate factor).

Timothy Carter

More and more businesses will find that in the long term, Google+ will impact their SERP results as people see more of the authority/influence due to the presence and sharing of that G+ profile.

For some businesses, there may not be much data, at this time…but looking at the big picture of where Google and G+, and Google Places, YouTube, etc has positioned themselves, there will be those who are positioned to take advantage of already being established in the system.

Beth Kagel

Hi there. I’ve been focusing on creating a presence for my mico startup on facebook. Do you have any suggestions as to merging (or penetrating) Google+ to increase my presence?
I’m in the pet related business.

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