8 Internet Marketing Phrases You Should Avoid

If you’re launching an Internet marketing service, you’ll want to do more than just research what you should do, you also need to research what you should avoid. To get you started, here are several Internet marketing phrases to stay away from.

Calling Yourself the Top or the Best
Not to be a Debbie Downer but if you’re calling yourself a top internet marketing expert or the best on the block, you’re probably only fooling yourself. Honestly, those that are the best in the business are more humble and let the praise of others as well as their results do the talking. You can aspire to be a top Internet marketer but let someone else make that claim, don’t do it yourself.

Affordable SEO Services
When you buy an affordable car, do you go to the Honda lot or the Mercedes-Benz lot? My guess is the Honda lot. You get what you pay for with the Honda, a good car at a good price. But, you don’t get the best. With SEO services, customers want the best that they can afford but if you’re advertising a service as affordable they may think cheap instead. They don’t want cheap, they want the best that their budget can buy. So skip the adjective and just offer SEO services to your customers.

Guaranteed Results
Unless you are willing to refund your customer’s money if you don’t deliver the results you promise, skip using the word guaranteed. Even if you have the best intent and think you can deliver first page results for their target search term, there is no guarantee that you will. In Internet-land you simply can’t guarantee results like this so save yourself the hassle and only guarantee what you know you can deliver, those items that are 100% under your control.

Guru & Expert
Internet marketing is a constantly evolving industry and this constant state of change makes it difficult for one to truly achieve expert or guru status. As soon as you think you’ve reached the ultimate level of knowledge as an Internet marketing expert, something goes and changes, like if Twitter decided to shut down. If that happens, you’re no longer an expert because Twitter is one of the many players in the Internet marketing world. If you must use a label, try knowledgeable or experienced instead.

“My Alexa ranking is…”
Hey baby, what’s your Alexa ranking? It just sounds like a bad pickup line and in the Internet marketing world, it really is. While you will see sites both big and small tout their Alexa ranking, the site has had its detractors for years. Since Alexa relies on data gathered from its toolbar, it is relatively easy to unduly influence the ranking of a site by encouraging all of your friends to install the toolbar and visit your site regularly.

1,000 Links in 10 days!
The problem with this phrase is similar to the problem with the Guaranteed Results phrase – you aren’t completely in control of the process. If you are going to guarantee a specific number of links in a specific time frame, then you need to own enough sites to guarantee these links because as hard as you may try, you may only reach 995 links in 10 days. This is a nice accomplishment but you aren’t delivering what you promise and customers don’t like that. Again, only guarantee a result that is completely in your control.

Submitting to Search Engines
An Internet newbie may be excited to see search engine submission services but anyone that has been around for more than a day will likely roll their eyes if they saw this among your list of services. It is easy to get picked up by the search engines, simply get a link back to your site and when the search engines do their next crawl, your site is discovered.

Keyword Density
Keyword density is a trendy phrase but if you ask 10 different Internet marketing “experts” what the ideal keyword density for a page is, you’re likely to get 10 different answers. Keyword density does not exist within a bubble; there are many factors that influence what the ideal keyword density might be for a given page but honestly, no one really knows. It’s not like a keyword density of 5.5% lands you on page 10 and 5.6% gets you on the first page, it is much more complex than that.

You are more likely to be taken seriously as an Internet marketing professional if you avoid these often-overused phrases. If you’re already in the business, what phrases would you add to the list?

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