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In a previous post here on the AuthorityLabs Product Blog I listed several tips for getting the most out of a copywriter. In the article I discussed the importance of hiring a copywriter – mainly it frees you up to focus on site development, marketing and other general business tasks while leaving the writing to the experts. Today I’m going to share with you 9 places you can hire help online. The good news is that not all of these sites are limited to copywriters, you can find logo designers, blog developers, web researchers and more.

With oDesk you can hire web developers, writers, sales and marketing personnel, a personal assistant, graphic designers and more. Freelancers are located around the world. Simply sign up for a free account, post your project and browse through the bids.

Similar to oDesk, you can outsource a variety of tasks through Elance by hiring technical writers, accountants, web research assistants, telemarketers, translators and more.

Mechanical Turk
Mechanical Turk is ideal for outsourcing small, repetitive and even monotonous tasks. For example, you can ask for a freelancer to find the mailing address and phone number of all Italian restaurants in Flagstaff, Arizona and pay $0.01 per result.

Textbroker is a content-only site. Textbroker writers are all U.S.-based and can provide you with original, Copyscape verified content. There is no minimum order required and the fixed rates start at $1.20 per 100 words.

Guru.com’s database includes more than 250,000 technology, creative arts and business freelancers. You can search for freelancers by category or even by tested skill set. Tested skill sets include online writing, Google App engine and Twitter developers.

If you’re looking for a dedicated personal assistant, you need to check out AskSunday. The site provides you with a Dedicated Assistant that can help you with a variety of needs including data entry, database research and even click-to-chat support services.

With iFreelance you can connect with a variety of freelancers including writers, programmers and SEO professionals. Connections are made in one of two ways: posting a project and accepting bids or contacting a provider directly through the site’s searchable online database.

Freelancer.com has more than 1.9 million freelance professionals across all professions. As with the other oDesk, Elance and the other sites, you can post a short-term project but Freelancer.com also accepts full-time project proposals. This might be a good way to connect with a professional that can help you build your business over the long term.

Project4Hire.com is another bid-based site in which you post your project so freelancers can bid. The site features freelancers from a variety of backgrounds – software programmers, animators, survey professionals, forum moderators, copywriters and the list goes on.

There are so many different types of tasks that you can outsource through one of these online freelancing websites. Here are a just few examples of online marketing, web development and SEO tasks that you can hire out:

  • Submitting posts to social bookmarking sites
  • Post links on related Facebook pages
  • Post relevant comments on related blogs
  • Setup and manage a Twitter account
  • Retweet a certain amount of relevant Tweets daily
  • Research high-ranking sites for your target search terms
  • Review the search trends of your targeted terms
  • Write a series of new articles on a targeted term
  • Install and setup a new Drupal installation
  • Code a custom ecommerce solution

Of course the list of tasks that you can outsource is nearly limitless. If you’re comfortable outsourcing a certain part of your business and can get the task completed for the right price, then do it.

If you’ve dabbled in outsourcing before, what was your experience with the process?

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