Android vs iOS: Who is More Social?

This infographic (IG) by StartApp clearly shows the importance of  ensuring that your website works well on mobile and also website traffic tracking.

Four of the apps on both platforms, as seen below, must be handled right on your site for mobile:

  • Facebook – Users need the ability to share on FB with not just friends, but also pages easily via mobile! Make your site ready and the social button easy to find and use. (check out the Facebook stats below)
  • Google+ – Give users the ability to share via mobile and make sure to use rel=author for the writers on your site. You may not know much about Google+, but those who are social online do. Give these power users the ability to share quickly and easily.
  • Pinterest – Make sure your website is coded right and set up to allow mobile users to share via Pinterest. It is a must in today’s world and free advertising for you.
  • Twitter – For people like me there is nothing more irritating than wanting to share an article or product on Twitter and not having the ability to do some from a web page will on a mobile device. Please have Twitter buttons ready to go.
See more mobile and app stats below:

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