Learn How To Use Excel With the Google Analytics API – Annielytics Dashboard Seminar & Discount

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Annie Cushing, who blogs all things data at Annielytics, is doing a three-day seminar on how to use the Google Analytics API to create interactive reporting dashboards in Excel. By the end of the third day you will have the skills necessary to take data from a Google Analytics account and build out a reporting dashboard that will update with new data with little-to-no manual effort on your part.

AnnieCushingAnnie is known for making data sexy, and she will be sharing her secrets for how to make your visualizations beautiful without being distractingly busy or garish. If you are afraid that you aren’t going to be able to master these skills in three days, don’t worry. You will have so many resources to refer back to whenever you need to create data visualizations of your own that it’ll be like riding a bike.

Excited? We are. But that’s not all. Annie has offered the coupon code AUTHORITY to our readers for a $150 discount when you register. Find out what seminar location is nearest to you, and sign up for an Annielytics Dashboard Seminar today!

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Destinee is a Data Diva at AuthorityLabs. She dresses data up, makes it pretty, and ready for the big stage.

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