AuthorityLabs – August 2012 Status Update

We’ve been working hard here at AuthorityLabs for the past month or so to get people migrated and up to speed on our new interface. So far, everything is going smooth but we wanted to update everyone on where things stand.

Account Migrations

We’re about 1/3 of the way through migrating accounts into the new interface. It has been a little slower process than we would like due to the volume of keywords and domains that need to be transferred but we’re expecting the speed to pick up in the next week as we roll out some new importing features for the new system. We’re also expecting to remove a few hundred thousand keywords from being tracked in the old interface that have been migrated to our Partner API for data collection.

If you have a paid account and haven’t been moved yet, you’re on our migration list and you’ll be moved ASAP. If you would like to get started on the new interface and not wait for our migration, you can sign up for a new account, organize your URLs and keywords in the new account, then let us know you’ve made the switch. At that point, we’ll migrate your billing into the new interface and you’ll have access to both the new and old interface for at least 2 months or once we have migrated your historical data.

Historical Data

We know how important it is for our users to track rankings over time, which means we are migrating a year of historical data from the old interface to the new one. This is one of our top priorities right now. If you would like to expedite the process of migrating your historical data, keep an eye out on our blog for an announcement of that feature. Otherwise, we’ll be getting your data moved over and you’ll be able to use the awesome new interface for historical reports. Rumor has it, we’ll even eventually be able to import historical reporting from other platforms as well, so if you’re new to AuthorityLabs, that will be pretty awesome.

It’s our goal to have this live on everyone’s account as soon as we can but we also realize that accuracy and reliability of the data is important so we’re taking care to do it right the first time. Migrating the historical data is a long, tedious process but we’ve been working on it in the background for the past month. As you can imagine, we’re dealing with a ton of data given the age of the previous interface and tens of millions of rankings calculated every day. That means we have many terabytes of data to migrate and process so it fits into the new database.

An All Around Better Experience

We recently hired an app designer by the name of Steve Swedler. His (un)official title is Director of Awesomeness. Steve will be taking feedback from our users and using that feedback to help refine the new interface, which will result in some great features and improvements on usability.

Need Support or Have Questions?

There are several options for contacting us if you have questions or need anything. Check out our support page for a breakdown on how to get ahold of us.