Posts By: Ashley Ward

Product Page SEO Tips For Business Owners

Optimizing your ecommerce store and its product pages for search is a challenging balancing act. First, you have the side focused on strategically crafting content on the page so that it ranks well on serps and drives traffic (read: customers).  This is a lot easier said than done, especially if your products are connected to… Read more »

How To Educate Your Boss About SEO

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, I admit that I am a bit of a fan; I’m passionate about what I do. I’ve definitely found myself, on more than one occasion, geeking out about search to someone that I already lost ages ago. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had… Read more »

10 Advanced Techniques to Boost Your Website Traffic

If you talk about B2B marketing on a month-to-month basis, Google processes well over 40,000 search queries per second. This figure roughly equates to 3.5 billion searches every day, which in turn translates into 1.2 trillion Google searches per annum, throughout the world. Whoa..! That’s a lot of website traffic potential. Moreover, approximately 78% of Americans… Read more »

Google’s Live Stream Update And How You Can Take Advantage

It’s no secret that we are living in a world where speed and instant gratification are not just important, they are expected. If a page doesn’t load quickly enough, we move onto one that will; if a video loads too slowly, we don’t watch it. We desire fast information that  is encapsulated for convenient digesting…. Read more »