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Slow Seasons: How To Lift Your Business Up During A Slow Season

When your business is thriving, it’s a wonderful feeling. Not only are sales up, but you’re also busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony. Sure, a little downtime and relaxation are great, but, when your business is in an off season, that downtime can feel like decades. Getting your business back on track towards… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Marketing

Springtime brings back warmer weather, pastel colors, and baseball season. It is a time of renewal, fresh beginnings and transitions. It’s also a time for some good old fashioned spring cleaning. For some of us, this is a dreaded two-word combo that hits harder than “swimsuit season” after a winter of couch potatoing. Many people… Read more »

How to Fix Poor Ranking Pages on Your Website

When auditing and optimizing a website, the last thing you want to deal with are pages that are ranking poorly, despite best SEO practices. As you check your analytics over weeks and months, you may find certain pages are starting to drop in rank and traffic. It’s important to properly analyze why a page may… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Optimization

Connecting on LinkedIn is like the new business card exchange. Almost every business professional I know has a LinkedIn profile and the majority of them use it on an almost-daily basis to network with. Businesses also find a lot of value in being active on LinkedIn, whether they are recruiting or finding new clients. With… Read more »