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Why You Cannot Ignore the Power of Live Video, Anymore

  You cannot rest on your laurels when it comes to digital marketing. Staying on top of the latest techniques and trends in the online marketing stratosphere is the key to sustainable success. Among the latest trends to gain popularity is live video marketing. According to Social Media Examiner, video will make up around 80%… Read more »

Maximize Content ROI By Splintering

Content creation is both time-consuming and costly. Yet, it is one of the cornerstones to a company’s successful digital marketing efforts. It is a supreme challenge for digital marketers to consistently maximize the impact of this content. One of the key dimensions of measuring the success of content is cost — how much money was… Read more »

Google Allows Comments on Search Results

Leaving comments on web pages can be a good thing. It can be really helpful to know opinions on a new piece of content, hear any positive feedback about how it was written, and understand if others have similar situations or agreements on the topic. Comments can also go horribly wrong. If you happen to… Read more »