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Q&A With Online Marketing Experts: Does Social Media Affect Rankings

Does social media affect SEO and rankings? This question has been argued by the online marketing industry for years. Some argue there’s statistical evidence that proves social media has a correlation with SEO and rankings, whereas others oppose the idea due to Google’s Matt Cutts’ statement video discussing the subject. Where do you stand? Do… Read more »

6 Ways to Create New SEO Keywords

Keywords have a lot to do with SEO. Using the wrong keywords can cost you conversions, while utilizing the right keywords can increase web traffic and rankings. Although they are primarily used for Adwords, keywords can be placed throughout websites, in blog posts, and social media updates. Embedding keywords in such places can help improve… Read more »

Chrome Bids Farewell to Flash and Makes Additional Performance Updates​

Attention advertisers! Still using Flash to design your online advertisements? Stop immediately! As of September 1st, Google Chrome will no longer support advertisements that contain Adobe Flash. Flash is usually seen in video enriched elements, online animation, and video games. Several designers began incorporating Flash into advertisements to add that extra flair of animation and… Read more »

ThinkGlobal Retail Conference Recap

ThinkGlobal Retail is the conference for online businesses. With a primary focus on eCommerce, ThinkGlobal brings retail Directors, CEOs, and eCommerce Managers from all over the world to speak and learn about the latest and greatest in online retail. The 2-day agenda was jam-packed with powerful sessions to teach attendees how to improve their online business… Read more »

How to Perform a Basic SEO Website Audit

Auditing a website is something  many businesses just don’t do. Unless they hire a professional web developer, SEO agent, or agency, most business owners don’t have a clue how to perform a proper website audit, let alone an SEO audit. Without auditing a website for SEO, businesses can miss out on several online opportunities, as… Read more »