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4 Tips to Increase Your Mobile Conversions

Not only does Google favor mobile-friendly websites, but people do, too. Everyone from the laying in bed browser to the Pinterest addicted online shopper is using their mobile device more than ever. That means the opportunity for conversions is at an all time high for responsive websites, especially since mobile shoppers are converting at a… Read more »

​Google Grants Adwords Users Wishes with Customer Match

Google has always been focused on user experience, removing the bad and creating the good. Their newest announcement and feature is no different. In order to better improve the user experience, as well as the advertising experience for businesses, Google has created Customer Match. Announced during Advertising Week at Times Center Stage, Google’s Customer Match… Read more »

8 Ways To Increase Traffic From Instagram

Instagram has over 300 million monthly active users. That’s 300 million people you can direct to your website. Some may argue that the demographic just isn’t right for their business, and consists mainly of younger people, primarily females. It’s actually quite the opposite. Men make up 51% of Instagram’s audience and 26% of online US… Read more »

Q&A With Online Marketing Experts: Does Social Media Affect Rankings

Does social media affect SEO and rankings? This question has been argued by the online marketing industry for years. Some argue there’s statistical evidence that proves social media has a correlation with SEO and rankings, whereas others oppose the idea due to Google’s Matt Cutts’ statement video discussing the subject. Where do you stand? Do… Read more »

6 Ways to Create New SEO Keywords

Keywords have a lot to do with SEO. Using the wrong keywords can cost you conversions, while utilizing the right keywords can increase web traffic and rankings. Although they are primarily used for Adwords, keywords can be placed throughout websites, in blog posts, and social media updates. Embedding keywords in such places can help improve… Read more »