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The Ultimate Checklist of 2018’s PR Trends Online

If you were stranded in the wilderness, your survival would hinge upon your ability to find water, food, and build a shelter to protect against the elements. Thriving in the PR trends of the world also requires certain skills and resources. Many of these are innate, like creativity and organization. Others, however, require a little… Read more »

Why You Should Use Google Trends For SEO (And Fun)

I’ve always been a fan of Google Trends. At times, my fandom for the tool has even bordered on addiction, especially when a colleague introduced me to the gamified version of Google Trends, Trendquiz (clicker beware). With Google’s recent update to the Trends tool, I felt it was an appropriate time to look at some… Read more »

What Sentiment Analysis Can Tell Us About Our Content And SEO

Have you ever wondered how audiences feel after engaging with your brand and its content? Sure, they may be compelled to hit that “Like” or “+1” icon, but that doesn’t give much insight into why they liked it or what sort of response or emotions were invoked. Yet, we know that strong emotional response can… Read more »

The 6 Key Principles To Creating Contagious Content Based On Data

Whenever someone talks digital marketing, SEO, content creation or the like, there’s a near-natural instinct to spoon-feed the audience with buzzwords: optimization, personalization, enhanced ROI, metrics, engagement, KPI, customer experience and, of course, data-driven. Conversations about data and business analytics tools are nearly as widespread and populous as snapping selfies and YouTube videos about cats…. Read more »

Focusing On Less Competitive Terms To Boost E-commerce Sales And Visibility

E-commerce businesses are, sometimes unwittingly, involved in a gold rush that has the popularity of the Californian and the value of the Australian. The difference in these wealth wars is it isn’t a battle over scintillating metals, but rather actionable keywords that promise to improve visibility and, ultimately, sales. The Internet has left a permanent,… Read more »

How To Create Content That Will Drive Engagement, New Visits And Rankings

Content is the single biggest driver of website traffic. Often regarded as the “lifeblood” of a website, traffic is a big component in judging a page’s success. More traffic creates more opportunities to convert and potentially spike revenue. Yet, the way we create content isn’t always thought out. Content’s titanic impact on critical metrics and… Read more »