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Ways to Empower Your Sales Funnel With Content And SEO

At the root of why we perform SEO is to improve visibility through increased web traffic. Yet, in the hunt to get more web visitors, we sometimes forget the behaviors and attitudes that drive those searches. These behaviors and attitudes are reflective of the visitor’s intentions and position in the sales funnel, whether they are… Read more »

How To Zero In On The Right Competitor Keywords

SEO is competitive by nature. The entire purpose of it is to help businesses rank higher and gain more visibility and traffic through search engine results pages. Whenever there is any sort of ranking system in place, there is naturally competition to secure those ranks. The competition of SEO, for some, is what makes it… Read more »

Low Budget SEO: How To Approach Clients About SEO That Have No Dough

Only 17% of small businesses invested in search engine optimization in 2017. Yet, I’m certain that a large percentage of those remaining 83% of businesses are aware of SEO as a strategy and are curious about the impact it could have on their business. The issue, largely, is money. Compared to larger organizations, small businesses… Read more »

The 5-5 On Local SEO: 5 Tips and 5 Trends For Localized SEO

We’re told to appreciate the little things in life. One of the little things that I appreciate is the ability to search a single word, like ‘pizza,’ and be automatically connected to local pizza restaurants. I don’t have to tell Google or Bing to search near me or attach my location to the query. It’s… Read more »

Slow Seasons: How To Lift Your Business Up During A Slow Season

When your business is thriving, it’s a wonderful feeling. Not only are sales up, but you’re also busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony. Sure, a little downtime and relaxation are great, but, when your business is in an off season, that downtime can feel like decades. Getting your business back on track towards… Read more »