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The SEO Checklist For PWAs

Progressive web apps (PWAs) have been stirring the mobile experience pot ever since Google first brought the term to common usage in 2015. In a world that is increasingly glued to their mobile devices and accompanying apps, it only makes sense to create experiences that aim to, as senior software engineer at Google Alex Russell… Read more »

How to Use Your Content to Improve Dwell Time

Whenever I think of improving dwell time on pages, that classic scene from the movies plays in my head. It’s the scene where one of the “good guys” has to distract a not-so-bright sentry, while the rest of the heroes slip past undetected. We watch as the character goes to comic lengths to keep that… Read more »

Tips to Make The Most Out Of Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is a tour de force when it comes to business visibility and localized SEO. Many SEO strategies and digital marketing efforts start with GMB because it drastically improves a business’ chance of getting noticed. Not to mention, it’s just a great resource for giving potential customers a one-stop-shop for all of… Read more »

Ways to Empower Your Sales Funnel With Content And SEO

At the root of why we perform SEO is to improve visibility through increased web traffic. Yet, in the hunt to get more web visitors, we sometimes forget the behaviors and attitudes that drive those searches. These behaviors and attitudes are reflective of the visitor’s intentions and position in the sales funnel, whether they are… Read more »

How To Zero In On The Right Competitor Keywords

SEO is competitive by nature. The entire purpose of it is to help businesses rank higher and gain more visibility and traffic through search engine results pages. Whenever there is any sort of ranking system in place, there is naturally competition to secure those ranks. The competition of SEO, for some, is what makes it… Read more »