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5 Things I’ve Learned From Google Correlate

If you haven’t taken the time to check out Google correlate yet, head on over there and play around. There are some huge insights to be gained from it, especially if you’re targeting areas of the US with your product or campaigns. 1. Utah: Not good for beer. Great for bikinis. I’m not really surprised… Read more »

AuthorityLabs Tip: Setting Up Enterprise Accounts

Many of our users are tracking thousands or tens of thousands of keywords in their account. Trying to manage that many keywords can become troublesome if the account isn’t set up in a way that doesn’t have at least some planning and segmentation. Breaking the account into smaller pieces can also increase responsiveness when viewing… Read more »

How We Moved AuthorityLabs to WordPress

When I started full-time at AuthorityLabs in January, one of our main goals was to get a new design on the main site and on the blog. We discussed a few options and ultimately decided to merge into the main site at and get the entire site into WordPress. Step 1: Planning We… Read more »

Daily Ranking Data Makes a Huge Difference

A few months ago, I added to my rank monitoring and set up 4 keywords just to get an idea of how Yahoo! was performing on some pretty competitive terms. What I didn’t expect to see was the major fluctuations that happen daily on Yahoo! and Bing (obviously it happens in both places since… Read more »

AuthorityLabs Tutorial Videos

Looking for some video tutorials on various features in AuthorityLabs? We’ve got you covered. Look for more videos in the near future. New Account Setup Initial Insights – What to Look For After You’ve Got Some Data Domain Linking Domain Labels