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Content Tags

Tag your content. Use tags that are relevant to that content. Don’t stuff your tags with keywords you want to rank for. Again, be relevant, but always think about what people might search for. Don’t use all your tags in every post. Use tags repeatedly across posts when it’s appropriate.

Who is the Best SEO Ever?

We launched last Tuesday, and in celebration of that launch, with the help of our buddy Josh Strebel, we created to figure out who exactly is the best SEO ever. We don’t really care about knowledge, expertise or ninja-like link building skills. All we really care about is who has the snazziest photo. We’ve… Read more »

AuthorityLabs Launch

We’ve been working hard for the last couple of months trying to get AuthorityLabs to a point where we’re comfortable letting it loose. Tonight we’ve reached that point and have opened up registrations. We have a long road ahead of us and are excited for the future of this product. We believe in launching fast… Read more »

Google's SEO Starter Guide

Today Google posted a PDF that runs through the basics of SEO called the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. The article covers the title tag, description tag, url structure, navigation, content, anchor text, heading tags, alt tags, robot.txt files, nofollow links and proper website promotion techniques. This is a great guide for people just getting… Read more »