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Product Update Podcast

If you’re ever looking for a good way to keep up with what’s going on at Gangplank they’ve got a few ways to do that … Gangplank Twitter Account Gangplank Website Gangplank Facebook Page Gangplank Studios We recorded a product update a little over a week ago, so go check it out and you can… Read more »

Just So You Know, We Don't Do SEO

Most of the internet marketing tools out there were created by SEOs because they had a need themselves.  They made these tools public to generate a little attention and potentially some business. I’ve dabbled in SEO, used some tools out there and done a ton of research on the subject. I know enough to know… Read more »

Why We're Here

For years search has been the focal point of online marketing. People have developed software that helps professionals optimize for search. One of the features of this software is SERP monitoring. Most software packages you have to download onto a PC, and run. This eats up CPU time and usually an entire computer because if… Read more »