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We’re Almost There

We’re still working on that last little bug, which is keeping ALL keywords from getting consistent daily data.  We’ve narrowed it down to an issue we’re having with Amazon S3 and are working through it.  I know this has been frustrating for everyone … it’s been extremely frustrating for us, knowing we’ve disappointed these last… Read more »

Data Update for Monday

We’ve got data working it’s way back into ALL accounts, which you’ll see today.  We’re in the process of fixing the CSV exports and getting everything else working as it should.  You may still some keywords missing data, but those should be restored soon as well. Since this has been such a big outage, we’ll… Read more »

Another Update

Over the last week we’ve been trying to figure out exactly what’s causing all these issues.  Wednesday night we were finally able to isolate the problem to what we thought were only two bottlenecks. We optimized those that night and they were operating as expected.  We woke up this morning to realize that there was… Read more »

Production Update

We really appreciate everyone’s patience as we get this handled.  Pretty sure we’ve got everything figured out and everyone’s accounts should have good data tomorrow.  There may have been some keywords which slipped through the cracks today, but those should get picked up and back to normal the next day. @joseuonline pointed out that the… Read more »

What We’re Working On

Things aren’t working like they should today. Over the last three or four weeks we’ve been working on a lot of major updates to AuthorityLabs.  Everything was looking good on our staging server so we decided to get everything on production last weekend. We spend all day Saturday and Saturday night (till about 5:00am) getting… Read more »

Backlink Data & What You Need to Know

We’ve finally got backlink data live.  Here’s what you need to know. Resolving Domains & URLs The first thing to notice is this icon which you’ll find to the left of your domain or URL. Before we actually pull link data we resolve the URL you’ve entered into your account. Hover your mouse of that,… Read more »