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Amazing Google Facts

No doubt Google is a major phenomena of our time. A company that has grown tremendously since their inception and whose products range from search to mobile devices to driverless cars and just about everything in between. With a company like there, there has to be some amazing facts about their size, their employees, and their history, maybe a few you were even unaware of?

Infographic Marketing 101: Embed This Codes

If you are a fan of infographics and/or using interesting images in your blog posts, I want to provide you one simple step that can greatly help you control the sharing of these forms of media. I’m referring to the “embed code” which is very simply a snippet of html code that allows someone to copy and paste the code into their own web pages and when they do, display the infographic or image.

TV Goes Social: The Rise of the Second Screen [Infographic]

Television is changing right before our eyes. It is not just about the programming – that is obvious. But rather it is about the way we wacth television. In fact, TV viewers are increasingly watching their favorite programs with their mobile devices in hand, whether that be a smart phone (as I do), tablet or… Read more »