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Data Visualization Guide for Marketers

My goal for this guide is to show Internet marketers how they can use all of the various types of charts and graphs at their disposal to visualize their data and find actionable insights. I used Annie Cushing’s MozCon 2014 presentation and her Comprehensive Guide to Excel Charts for Marketers video, along with Microsoft’s guide… Read more »

5 Simple and Effective Free Link Building Tools

link building arch

In the spirit of continuing my free tool series, I’ve turned my focus to link building. Link building is a huge part of getting any website to be visible to search engines these days. Of course, Annie Cushing’s Tools for Marketers Google Doc has a tab for link building tools which I used to pull together… Read more »

Do Your Detective Work with These Five Free Tracking Tools

Anyone who’s invested in having an online presence should have ways to track their website, blog, and competition. They should know if they are getting a reasonable return on their investment or if they need to kick their current online marketing strategy to the curb. I turned to the Tracking tab of Annie Cushing’s Must-Have… Read more »