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9 Things You Might Be Getting Wrong With Your Blog Images


When you construct a blog post it’s important to have the right visual content. I believe it can actually be as important as the writing in most cases. In the name of corny awesome Buzzfeed style listicles I’ve outlined some of the most common errors I see professionals and non-professionals make with their blog image choices. Here… Read more »

SEO and the Techno-Illiterate

Much as we may want to deny it, people can, and do, live without the faintest notion of the nature of technology. They may use technology and its products; but, by no stretch of the imagination could they be described as knowledgeable consumers of technology. – Technological Literacy Reconsidered”Journal of Technology Education 2013″ – Walter B. Waetjen… Read more »

Understanding the SERPS in 2013

Ranking is a benchmark, a marker to note  progress in the development of your site’s online reach to the search audience but you need to understand the layout of the SERPs and how the user of Google might now be presented with you or your client’s site. The SERPs of yesteryear of just sites being… Read more »