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Beginners Education on Social Media

Social media can be very confusing for businesses. They know what the options are, but they don’t know how to utilize the options effectively. Vertical Measures created this infographic that breaks down what you need to about YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. There are also some fantastic suggestions for LinkedIn group directories. If you… Read more »

SERP Tracking Software, Why Do You Pay For It?

I have had many small to medium sized businesses ask me this question. I know many businesses go into the SERPs daily and weekly to search and see where they are ranking for different keywords. They are perfectly happy doing it, but they are devoting a good amount of time doing so. I have paid… Read more »

What is Google+? And Who Uses it?

Many people are still confused over what Google+ is and how important it can be. The infographic below, by Search Engine People, breaks down the basics and tells you why it is an important social network for you and for your business. It also breaks down the demographics of those that use Google+. Search agencies,… Read more »

Link Building Strategies for 2013: Presentation by Ross Hudgens

Ross Hudgens, founder of Siege Media, presented on link building strategies at BlueGlassX this week in Tampa, Florida. Ross was full of Einsteinic energy and gave the audience so many fantastic ideas.You can see his presentation below. Ross starts out with some link building tools that could very useful to you and then he unleashes some… Read more »

Recap of Killer Posts From the Past Week You HAVE to Read!

Here are the posts that I loved this week! Social Twitter Promises Downloadable Tweet Archive by Year’s End by James Dohnert Titter Will Win The Social Brand Advertising War by AJ Kohn Facebook Launches Conversion Measurement Tool by Miranda Miller 13 Ways to Improve Social Media Marketing in 2013 by Megan Leap Advertising on Facebook:… Read more »