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Hate Writing? What About Video?

For many businesses writing content is a nightmare. They don’t enjoy it, they don’t want to do it and they are not sure what to write about it. There is another option, video. Businesses can create videos that drive in more clients, increase revenue and help create a trusted reputation. People are searching YouTube for… Read more »

Does Your Website Sell or Just Rank?

I see the same all the time and it is a bit irritating, businesses believe that their only concern needs to be on SEO and ranking. Guess what? That is completely false. SEO is important and it plays a critical role in success online. SEO can help people find you, but it doesn’t sell your… Read more »

Articles to Learn From, Nov 2012 Recap

Here is a collection of articles that I enjoyed and learned from this week. Please take some time to dig through them all and watch the very important video by Matt Cutts. 19 Bad Habits Bloggers Need to STOP by Tommy Walker How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever by Thorin… Read more »

New to Twitter? Use it Effectively [Presentation]

Twitter is an amazing platform for marketing, keeping up with what is extremely current and also allowing you to see what people are talking about. Using Twitter is easy, but using Twitter in a way that will help your business or your brand is not easy! If you are new to Twitter and you want… Read more »

3 Benefits of a Custom WordPress Design

WordPress is a great option for businesses because it is easy to use, easy to maintain and it is very easy to have a business website with a blog. All businesses need an affordable website and I totally understand this. In the last few years I have seen millions of businesses buying WP templates online because… Read more »